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Written by CriCri Tuesday, 27 April 2010 13:16

If you want thank us for our work, make a little donation... (Default in EUR)

If you prefer a donation in USD Dollars...

Our site offer for free custom content for Sims 2. The objects and the skin are created by us in our free time and we enjoy ourself to make them. Everyone has job, study, family and often we work at night for create something new for you.
Sharing our creation and see your appreciation give to us the reason to continue in our job.
Unfortunately we have some cost for stay on-line, for the domain and for the internet connection... you are so many and if everyone will give a little contribute we will able to cover our cost... To run our sites we need a dedicated server, actually we have found a sponsored hosting (this is the reason for the number of ads on our page) but it costs us about 500 eur/year.

Now I give you some statistic about SimsCri sites to better understan:
  • more then 10.000 visitors every day
  • more then 6 millions downloaded files every month
  • more then 5 millions page views every month
  • more then 4.000 GB bandwidth every month

Think at one of greatest sims 2 sites, ModTheSims2 is certainly one of this. His december statistics show about 11 millions downloaded files, we are almost at the half of this amount, so it's a great result!
The bad thing, is that this brint to pay a high hosting cost....

We are a FREE SITE and WE ALWAYS KEEP FREE, with or without your help. I want you keep in mind this. If we don't raise needed money.. see on bottom of this post...

Help us to stay active and continue to work for you!! (Default in EUR)

If you prefer a donation in USD Dollars...
Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 April 2010 14:08