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The Sims Medieval Showcase - Full Coverage! - Family, religion and death PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 15 March 2011 18:27
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Even Medieval's Sims can get married and create a family. Although you cannot control your partner, you can flirt with another Sim, woohoo and marry him/her (and also divorce!). The wedding works just like The Sims 3: your characters flirt, love each other, decide to get engaged and marry. If they follow a religion, they can get married in the church, but in any case, the ceremony will be celebrated by an officiant.
The officiant - an old man dressed in white - will descend from the sky to celebrate the wedding of the couple. 
Getting married has some benefits: the couple receives a wedding gift from the king and your hero's salary is increased, as s/he will have someone else to take care of.
Sometimes, your Sims realize they've made a mistake and shouldn't have marry at all.
If they haven't consummated, they can decide to annul the wedding with the proper interaction.
If they did consummated their wedding, instead, they have to ask to a priest for the divorce.
To do so, Jacobians have to pay a certain amount of money, while Peterans can do it for free, after praying for a while. [Taken from “Lessons in capsule form”]

As for children, you can have a baby both inside or outside the wedding (in the Middle Ages, contraception and birth control were not common!), and every time you woohoo, there are good chances to get pregnant.
Pregnancy works like The Sims 3, and your Sim will be prevented to do dangerous things (i.e. duels, hard works, etc.). The birth is announced by a crib that appears in the room, like The Sims 1. A newborn takes a couple of days to become a children, and doesn't grow up more. There are no teens or elders. Kids are not playable, and are managed by the AI, even if you can see their status and inventory (children don't go to school, but can be helpful for houseworks or tasks).


Religion is a completely new aspect of the game, and for the first (and last) time, Sims can follow a religious belief – that is totally fictional. They worship the Watcher (that is, the player himself!) and can follow the Jacoban church, wealthy and strict, or the Peteran faith, humble and simple. The two religions are fighting with each other, so you can expect a lot of troubles! Anyway, the presence of the two religions depends on you. You can introduce them both, only one or none, creating an agnostic kingdom. It's really all up to you.tsm_preview_21.02.2011_32
Now, a side note: under explicit request, producer confirmed that the fact Medieval has a religion does not mean that it will be introduced in The Sims 3. Religion is in the game because in the Middle Ages religious fights were really common, and producer wanted to make the game as historically likely as possible. This doesn't mean that it will be introduced in The Sims 3 though. It is a very personal and delicate matter, it will be by no means featured in the game.


Unlike other Sims games, death in Medieval is a common event and can be voluntarily caused by your Sims. There are several ways a character can die: the monarch can decide the fate of his citizens by sending them to the judgment pit, where a mysterious beast lives. The victim is condemned to jump in the pit and fight with the monster, trying to save his life. The beast can either decide to kill the Sim or save him/her – this is totally random and there are no cheats or abilities that can help you. You can also decide to jump in the pit on your own (but we don't know if this depends on some traits)! Sims can also be sent to the stocks, but this will not kill them.


Another way to kill someone is poisoning their drinks, as we said before. Also, if you're involved into a sword fight, you can get wounded to death (or wound someone to death).

When a Sim dies, the Grim Reaper appears, just like The Sims 3. But Medieval's Grim Reaper is a bit different as it has a crimson red outfit with a white armor and black wings. Dead Sims do not become ghosts.


During one of our quests as a monarch, a citizen asked us to place a church in the reign, as in the graveyard there were unburied people..shown as Sims laying on the ground. It's quit a different scene from The Sims!

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