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The Sims Medieval Showcase - Full Coverage! - Cheats and misc. PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 15 March 2011 18:27
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The Sims Medieval Showcase - Full Coverage!
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Medieval has cheats too, and you can access them by clicking CTRL-SHIFT-C. From the list we saw, we can suppose that the demo we played was still in debug mode - the one you can unlock with the NRaas Debug Enabler in The Sims 3. So, we're sure that until there isn't a mod for Medieval, we won't find them in the game. A few of them:
  • ShowAllQuests
  • DisableClothingFilger
  • DisableQuestPerformace
  • DisableRespos
  • EnterProductionCAS on/off
  • Exterminate
  • Completetutorial
There are also known cheats, like:
  • hideHeadlineEffects
  • motherlode
  • help
  • familyFunds
  • constrainFloorElevation
  • BuyDebug
cheats_1 cheats_2
cheats_3 cheats_4


During the event we saw a few things that cannot be placed into the previous categories. For example, in our game we noticed that when you click on your active Sim, among the other options there is a “Carve” interaction: if you choose it, your hero will take a piece of wood out of his pocket and start to carve it. Our priestess Pulcrezia created a small horse, that was collected in her inventory.

SimsMedievalInstallerIconIf you want to communicate with someone, there is an awesome system of carrier pigeons.

tsm_preview_21.02.2011_23 tsm_preview_21.02.2011_25

SimsMedievalInstallerIconWhen you hold CTRL-SHIFT and click on a lamp, you can choose the light color and whether you want to set it for that room or the whole building.

SimsMedievalInstallerIconAlso, if you're wondering what people used to eat in the Middle Ages, we managed to read the list of some of the available meals (these are translated from Italian, names may be incorrect):
  • Stewed boar
  • Chicken
  • Porridge
  • Stew of:
    • deer
    • eel
    • whale
    • fish
    • frog
    • vegetables
  • Soup of:
    • bear
    • eel
    • herring
    • whale
    • meat
    • deer
    • boar
    • onions
    • rabbit
    • mushrooms
    • potatoes
    • swordfish
    • pigeon
    • chicken
    • frog
    • turnips
    • turbot
    • tench
    • salmon
    • trout
Sims do not use forks or spoons, but eat with their own hands (and make quite a lot of noise!).


SimsMedievalInstallerIconMany of the ingredients above can be purchased at the market or obtained going hunting or fishing. Both the options are available in Medieval, but we didn't have the chance to try them. As for herbs, you can wander around the reign and collect plants and flowers

SimsMedievalInstallerIconFinally, a news about the Store and custom content. Producer confirmed that by the time the game is released, there won't be a Medieval Store or custom content. Then, after Cri's consideration that there is already cc for the game in the limited edition, Bernstein confirmed they have plans about it and we'll see more during the year.

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