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Featured machinima artists: Fienx and SSProduction PDF Print
Written by CriCri Tuesday, 18 January 2011 21:49
simsart_machinima_fienxStarting from this month, January 2010, we would like to open a new site section dedicated to the Sims-Art. We would like to share and feature some machinima and picture artists - choosing of couse who create with The Sims games. The first artist we would like to present you is Fienx, a machinima director that uses The Sims 2.

She isn't one of most known artist, such as pose and animation boxes creators, but we visited her YouTube channel and we saw her on Koinup and we found her works really good, so there she is, read the interview and watch her videos!

simsart_machinima_ssproductionWe introduced you Fienx in regards to machinima created with The Sims 2, so we cannot do anything but showing you an artist that uses The Sims 3, and we chose SSProduction.

We saw one of his videos published on Sims3Nieuws, we liked it and on his YouTube channel we discovered he has created a series, called The Emperor of Evil, which has already 25 episodes! We interviewed him for more to see what he told us, especially if you're looking for advices on dubbing your videos!

Click on banners to read interview or go to our Sims-Art Machinima section >>