February's Sets on the Store Print
Written by CriCri Thursday, 03 February 2011 22:49
As usually new sets available for download on the Store... we can find a free set Carnival themed, and some pay sets. A new is rapresented by Compilation! You can choose to purchase all new sets of the month in a bundle pack...
This month we can find retrĂ² athmosphere with Jazz Sets and modern furniture with the Futureshock kitchen...

ts3_store_feb_2011_febcompilationSimpoint: 2600
Items: 53

Thanks to Simprograms for find out them soon and spread the news!

Pay sets:

ts3_store_feb_2011_futurekitchen ts3_store_feb_2011_jazz
Simpoint: 850
Items: 15
Simpoint: 1900
Items: 38
ts3_store_feb_2011_jazzliving ts3_store_feb_2011_jazzwear
Simpoint: 1000
Items: 18
Simpoint: 1400
Items: 20
Simpoint: 1000
Items: 12


Simpoint: 0
Items: 2
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