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Written by Paperpin Friday, 05 August 2011 10:30 interviewed producer Azure Bowie-Hankins about Hidden Springs, the new world available to download on the Sims 3 Store by the end of the month. Let's read together the most interesting details!

What is Hidden Springs? Is it a Stuff Pack/Expansion Pack?
Hidden Springs is a brand new downloadable world only available through The Sims 3 Store. You’ll have a brand new world to explore with new families, new locations and a couple of new surprises and objects as well.

What's included in it? Will we get new places for our Sims to live, places to explore?
Hidden Springs a luxurious resort town located near a lake and surrounded by picturesque mountains. The town is famous for its spa resort spots and there are rumors of a mythical place located in the woods where Sims can discover a bit of magic! I’m not going to tell you exactly where it is but somewhere hidden in the town your Sims can find the Fountain of Youth! The Fountain of Youth is a brand new object that your Sims can use to decorate their home and make a wish or two. They should be careful what they wish for because it might just come true!

What's your favorite place to explore in Hidden Springs? 
One of my favorite places to explore in Hidden Springs is the hidden garden located deep in the woods. It’s the perfect place to find rare seeds and gems. It’s also great for a picnic! Some other places my Sims spend a lot of time in are the Crystal Solarium Pool and the Redwood Heights Luxury Lodge. Both of those places are great for meeting new Sims and schmoozing with the local elite.

Will there be Sims to meet and possibly marry? Who are they?
There are tons of new families to play as or meet in Hidden Springs! I love the Vanderburg family.  They’re famous royals who’ve lived in Hidden Springs for quite a while. The Father is nice enough but the Mother is obsessed with seeing her children married off.  She drives her kids so crazy that the Princess has run off to live in the woods and pursue her dream of writing novels. That family is so much fun to play. I also enjoy playing as the Shue family. Granny Shue is a native of Hidden Springs who never had any children of her own so she’s adopted some local children who were in need of a home. They live in a small cottage in the woods and they don’t have much but they’re happy because they have each other.

Why is it called Hidden Springs?
When we were thinking up names for Hidden Springs we took our cues from the beautiful magical setting of the world itself. This town is a magical little place tucked away at the base of a beautiful mountain landscape and surround be serene waters. Hidden Springs seemed like the perfect name!

When will it be available to buy?
Hidden Springs is available for purchase only at The Sims 3 Store on August 25th. We’re super excited for the world to finally be released so we can hear what Simmers have to say about it!
Last Updated on Friday, 05 August 2011 11:06