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The next EP will be about magic? PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Friday, 09 March 2012 18:32
rumorSooo, it looks like the patch's hidden files strike again. According to velocitygrass on Mod The Sims (and to a number of other players), hidden in the latest game update (version 1.32 but only the full, universal version) there's a bunch of information about EP 7. By the look of things, the next expansion should be about magic and creatures like fairies, witches and werewolves, other than some kind of in-game gifting system.

On MTS there are also two screenshots of visual effects you can get with the fog emitter (that you can also use to create a fake weather), but these don't really prove much about the magical nature of the EP (there are codes for rain and snow, but the weather isn't available in the game). Anyway, there's no doubt that codes concerning fairies and magics are indeed weird, but with Showtime being released today, there's plenty of time before a new expansion comes out.. and to be honest, we guess it will be confirmed.

True or false, we're applying on the matter our brand new Rumor-stamp for now!
Last Updated on Friday, 09 March 2012 22:56