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The Sims 3 Soundtrack PDF Print
Written by CriCri Friday, 20 March 2009 22:18

Are you a fan of The Sims music? If you want listen some audio tracks of the new chapter of the Sims, on EA Music you can find 15 songs! And if  your desire is save all them... read more we reveal what you should do!

In the list of track the sims theme is the first... of course what is the game without the standard load music? Until the release date you can listen it and just image the game...



 From the EA site you can just listen all the songs, but after a little code analysis we reveal you step by step how to save in mp3 formats on your pc. Note: we have used Firefox, because with Internet Explorer 7 the save option is not enabled.

  1.  Start from this base path, select it, copy and past in your address bar of your browser:
    (don't hit enter, you should enter the variable path listed below!)

  2. Now you have to add the variable path, it is different for each track:
    1. Sims 3 Main Theme --> 01. sims3 main theme 200stmix-01.mp3?ver=2.3
    2. Simmering Mallets --> 02. sims3 simmering mallets.mp3?ver=2.3
    3. Consumerism Simplified -->03. sims3 consumerism simplified.mp3?ver=2.3
    4. Versimilitude --> 04. sims3 verisimilitude.mp3?ver=2.3
    5. Simple Assembly --> 05. sims3 simple assembly.mp3?ver=2.3
    6. Aisles of Miles of Smiles -->06. sims3 aisles of miles of smiles.mp3?ver=2.3
    7. Identity Check --> 07.sims3 identity check.mp3?ver=2.3
    8. Simple Directions --> 08. sims3 simple directions.mp3?ver=2.3
    9. Let's Assimilate --> 10. sims3 let's assimilate.mp3?ver=2.3
    10. Don't Be Parsimonious --> 11. sims3 don't be parsimonious.mp3?ver=2.3
    11. Constructive Simicism --> 12. sims3 constructive simicism.mp3?ver=2.3
    12. Maps & Simbols --> 13. sims3 maps & simbols.mp3?ver=2.3
    13. Amazing Facsimile --> 14. sims3 amazing facsmile.mp3?ver=2.3
    14. Striking Similarities --> 15. sims3 strinking similarities.mp3?ver=2.3
    15. Cartographer's Simphony --> 16. sims3 cartographer's simphony.mp3?ver=2.3

  3. Once you have selected, copy and past one variable (you've to copy only the part written with italic style), you can hit enter key. Now the page will be loaded and you can listen audio. So, go to File->Save page as. The name will be loaded by default and it ended with .mp3, save and try... you should find the .mp3 stored and ready!!


Last Updated on Friday, 20 March 2009 23:32