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Awkward technical problem at the UK Hands-On event PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Monday, 11 May 2009 21:59

As many of you already know, a Sims 3 Hands-On event took place on May 4th in the UK. 40 lucky players coming from the United Kingdom had the chance to play the game for two hours, just one month before its final release. What maybe not all of you know (and we must admit we found it out only today), is that there was an awkward technical issue during the event, and many players didn't have the chance to play: it seems that all the game copies realized for this meeting had a very strict DRM, and the game would install only on a few machines. No need to say how angry and disappointed players were, even because many people had to travel to get to EA, and travelling can be quite expensive.

However, everyone who hasn't been able to play The Sims 3 will be compensated with a free copy of the game..

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