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Written by Paperpin Wednesday, 13 May 2009 20:13

The most frequently asked questions we are asked daily on our forum, that actually every player would like to know, are: will it work on my computer? Do I have to buy new components? I only have the minimum specs, does this mean my game will be lagged? How will be the graphics?

We are not fortune-tellers and we can't anwer all these questions, but on The Sims Shack is available a superinteresting comparison among the three graphic quality of the game, with pictures taken from the Taiwan event we've already told you about.

The first two pics were taken with low graphic settings, and as you can see, beyond some pixellated parts, the global quality isn't bad at all, and players said the game is not lagging at all.


The following screenshots were taken with medium graphic settings, and nonetheless we can even see the water effects.


Of course, when you use a high graphic level, you can perfectly see every detail.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 May 2009 21:40