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Written by CriCri Saturday, 16 May 2009 14:42
 We couldn't list these news as Officials, since they don't come directly from EA, but from Simprograms e SimTimes, SimWay and Jack Connor.

These people have found the official Sims 3 website, which is not online yet (and also requires to login). We have had a try, just read the article and find out more! Moreover, Sims 3 fans who can't get enough of Sims and need to play also with their iPhones or Blackberries, we're announcing the launching of the EA Mobile site, dedicated to the mobile version of the game. The iPhone area is here:

As for the recently discovered website... we really need to say that Judhudson (Simprograms) is tireless and it's the source for any kind of news. He had just wrote about the MySpace page for The Sims 3 and then has published the news with the new website, from which has also taken some juicy videos we're going to publish shortly.

The new website, for the moment, is available here:

(it won't probably work, as now we're able to change the language and enter the Italian website and log in thanks to the pre-registration we made to register our Sims 2 account on the Sims 3 site. We can only visit the FreeStuff page).

However, beyond the two pictures we have taken, you can finde more in Judhudson's Flickr page.

Select location on the new the sims 3 site
  a page of the new the sims 3 site
  login on the new the sims 3 site




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