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Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 19 May 2009 16:00
Thanks to the several warnings we have received in the last 24 hours, we verified that human mental deficiency knows no boundaries, and some helpless idiot decided to gain his 15 minutes of glory by uploading a pirate version of The Sims 3 on the Internet.

Although it may sound like a great news for all the players who have been waiting for the game for several months, it's actually one of the worse thing ever happened in the Sims community, and it may likely affect EA's attitude towards the game and the DRM.
We don't know who is the author of this very clever deed, but there's one thing we are sure of: there are very high chances that this file includes viruses and malwares of any kind, thus, if you download it, you'll make a double damage: to EA and the community of honest players, and to yourselves, because you risk to fill your computer with rubbish and lose your data.

Quoting Cristina's words on the EISSC forum:

Even a text file or a picture can carry viruses, then imagine what a .exe or a .iso file can do.
If it's usually recommended to avoid this kind of sites [torrents and p2p], then it's now even more recommended. OS vulnerabilities are innumerable, and last month there were very powerful worms around the net. Moreover, to avoid legal issues, people who create this kind of stuff generally aren't able to unlock the files properly and/or disable some features to pass this crap off as demos of the game.

Then again, viruses spread because they are embodied into popular and highly-demanded files like this. What's better than a game that has been expected for months and still has to be released?

Moral of the story: trying to get the game 15 days before the official release can get you in serious troubles because you'll risk to lose your data, screw your pc, download an incomplete version with bugs and missing features and also compromise your future and genuine copy of the game.

We trust in your wisdom and in your maturity, even because the game's release is just 15 days away: then you'll get in your hands a genuine and original game, with whom you can get as many exclusive contents as you wish.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 May 2009 20:58