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Written by CriCri Sunday, 05 July 2009 11:08
We think everyone is playing all Sims games have a trouble: "Why do developers lock some lots?". In The Sims 3, we can't follow our sims at work, at school, at stadium, theater and so on. At least in The Sims 2 career lots aren't physical places on the neighborhoods. Now we can see the exterior of the lot, but we can't enter it... after a month from release some users try to examine interior and the result is... Thanks to Simsprograms and fadgesims3 we thought about locked lots. Some fans think about an expansion pack that will unlock them, but we don't agree this idea. We've walked around Sunset Valley and we watched fadgesims3's video and the following are our conclusions. 
  1. Starting with building mode. Locked lots aren't builded lots, they are only neighborhood decorations and you can place them without build nothing. Just keep the locked lot you want from catalog and put it on your neighborhood. So it's so difficult transform it in a unlocked lots, with windows, doors, active objects and so.
    Torri aziendali dal catalogo Torri aziendali dal catalogo
  2. If you zoom in towards locked lots, you can see a perfect decorated lot as your own. But if you use free camera mode and you try to enter them, you can see this is just an illusion and objects aren't 3d polys, but they are only 2d images with shaders. Only tables and desks are really 3d objects.
    Confronto lontano e dentro Confronto lontano e dentro
  3. You can interact with locked lots by a box on the top left of screen. Game code need to be re-written to change this.
  4. Play become hardest if you need to follow your sims and control them at work, at school and so too. This mean less attention at their need if you have a big family. 
  5. Some locked lots are more detailed then other. For example, the hospital has only 2d images. Restaraunt has some 3d objects. An EP involved to unlock these lots should rewrite a big part of the game. It's easier think to an EP similar to Open for business, that add an alternative way to do the same thing.
    Interno ospedale e tavola calda Interno ospedale e tavola calda
  6. Some locked lots are empty boxes or not all rooms have details as shown above.
  7. If EA unlock these lots, someone can think about a "bug fix" or an integration of an half work. This is not positive so it is more probably another way to give us the same interactions.
  8. It is difficult that an EP modify the core game... it is easier study new way to do new things and leave the core game untouched.

This is our point of view... perhaps we are wrong or perhaps EA will surprise us... just the time can tell us what will really happen!

If you want take a look at locked lots, this is the video made by fadgesims3: