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The Sims 3 sights and oversights from the magazines - The Sims 3 sights and oversights from the magazines PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Saturday, 12 April 2008 19:27
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The Sims 3 sights and oversights from the magazines
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But let’s discover something new! I did not write all this just to bore you, I do have something in store for you! Belgian magazine PC Gameplay is reporting some interesting news about the game, as we can also read on

· Sims with different tastes and personality will argue for stupid reasons;

· Sims will have children in the hospital;

· Every building of the downtown will have a specific function;

· Sims will be able to organize and manage their career in many more ways, such as having fund-raising parties, extra shifts and more);

There are, anyway, many contrasting news about custom neighborhoods: in the older interviews, such as Rod Humble’s, we can read that we’ll be able to create our own towns and share them with other players thanks to an apposite Exchange; PC Gameplay’s article, instead, seems to deny all of this:

“I: Will The Sims 3 contain multiple Nhoods?

No, there's only 1 Nhood, but then it's extremely large - More then 90 houses, each inhabited by a Simfamily. But you can save the Nhood into different slots so that you can create multiple storylines.
Probably later, we will make tools available so you can create your own Nhood, but at release, your stuck with just one Nhood.”

The answer to our question may come from Ben Bell’s interview on Yahoo!, where he says that a tool will be released a couple of months after the game. We can read about that on

Y!: How big is the neighborhood going to be?

BB: It's going to be a good-sized, small town. It'll have a little downtown with shops and a park, and a bunch of different residential neighborhoods where you can live. But what's really cool, because the Sims is all about player creativity, is that we're giving the players the tools to change their town. They can replace anyone in their town with characters that they create, and change any home they like. We're also releasing our developer tools a couple of months after the game, so the community will be able to create their own towns.

Stay tuned for more info about The Sims 3!

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