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Written by CriCri Friday, 11 March 2011 17:07
Really thanks to Judhudson of SimPrograms for finding the trailer of The Sims 3 Generations, that seems to be the 4th expansion pack of The Sims 3! The original video was HERE and has been blocked from EA and then removed. We have updated the link with the one uploaded by Simprograms, but we think it will be blocked soon.

ps. please not at the end of video the logo with "Expansion Pack", but there isn't an "Coming date". We would like to alert you, that this video has been published on a Youtube profile related to Ea Games Australia, but the funny thing is that this profile has been created only 2 days ago (March, 9 2011) [just to note, this profile has been removed after some hours of activities]. This video has the same style of official ones, but take care...

Let's take a look at the most "suspicious" detais:
- the pictures on the fridge are not taken from the game. They are also in English and not in Simlish.
- the video only has a background music, there isn't a "sung" part, like the previous trailers.
- there is no ESBR indication at the beginning of the video.
- the logo that appears at the beginning is The Sims 3's, not the one of the expansion. In some of the previous trailers there was no logo either, but TS3's was always shown at the end. Also, it is not stated that is an EP and there is no mention to the fact that requires The Sims 3.
- the video description does not have links to the website, as they usually do.
- there are no credits for the music at the end.

We do notice that some interactions are totally new, but the above are details that are somehow "curious"..
There are few new interactions such as: family photos and videos, Treehouses and new playground equipment, weddings, some types of parties, body hair... and really some clothes are pretty similar to The Sims 2 Family fun stuff...
Last Updated on Saturday, 12 March 2011 20:44