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Written by Paperpin Friday, 27 May 2011 15:15

It looks like that our favorite game is in the so-called “eye of the storm” of a sexual controversy, after an American mom found pornographic pictures on The Sims 3's official site. FOX5 reported that the woman was supervising her children's activity on the Internet, when she found several erotic images on the Exchange, that aren't related to the game at all. Internet safety groups have warned parents to be careful and monitor the content their kids can access to from any device like computers, mobile phones, consoles, etc.

 As many players know, there are some third-parties tools that allow you to change the thumbnail pictures of the shared content, and unfortunately, someone went way too far uploading erotic images. EA Games has not replied yet, but it's clear that they'll have to adopt new security measures in order to protect and safeguard the youngest players (other than the image of their brand and site) – even because the Exchange is often source of buggy or corrupted files. It has to be clear, however, that neither EA nor The Sims promote or support pornography by all means.

In the meantime, here in Italy we faced a homophobic controversy a few days ago, after some politicians declarations about the game, who claimed The Sims is not suitable for young persons as it “leads and educates them to homosexuality”. This because in the game you can create same-sex couples, and in Italy gay marriages are not legal. EA Italy replied to this attack on the popular newspaper “Corriere della Sera”, stating the clearest and most obvious concept regarding this type of games: being a life simulator, you can basically create any real sexual, familiar and social situation. “And that's why in the game you can create homosexual couples: it would be hypocrite to leave out this kind of reality, that is part of our society”, said General Manager Marco Brogi.

Honestly, we find this attack ridiculous, reactionary and racist, but we also think it is a typical “political campaign statement”, that is, much ado about nothing. So, we decided not to give attention to those who don't deserve it at all, keeping our site as free from this narrow-minded concept as the game is. We do it now because of the controversy about the Exchange and we suggest, whether you find some "irregular" items on the site, to use the "Report Item" function. Anyhow, if you want to join the cause and say your opinion about this, you can follow EdenStyle's initiative on Facebook, on the page “Difendiamo The Sims dall'attacco omofobico dei politici italiani” (“Let's stand up for The Sims against the homophobic attack of Italian politicians”).

Last Updated on Friday, 27 May 2011 19:03