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SimGuruKarsky Answers 23 Questions About The Sims 3 Supernatural PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Friday, 22 June 2012 09:52
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SimGuruKarsky Answers 23 Questions About The Sims 3 Supernatural
6 questions about the population control
4 new questions about Supernatural
Two more questions about the Lunar Cycle and kids
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SimGuruKarsky has answered 23 questions about The Sims 3 Supernatural on the official forum.

Update: SimGuruKarsky has answered 6 more questions! You can find them on page 2!
Update: SimGuruKarsky has answered 4 more questions! You can find them on page 3!

Update: SimGuruKarsky has answered two more questions! You can find them on page 4!

Source: SimsVIP

1 – Do Vampires still have to ask "permission" to bite someone? (Since Zombies now get to do so freely...)
Yes, the Vampires will still need to ask permission before they bite someone, but players can create a special elixir that will provide an alternate path to turning a Sim into a vampire.

2 – Will the Lunar Cycle/fog work in other worlds besides Moonlight Shores?
The lunar cycle from Supernatural will work in other worlds but the atmosphere (including fog) is unique to Moonlight Falls.

3 – Will vampires from Late Night be retconned or will there be two varieties of vampires for those who have both expansion packs?
The vampires are the same Sim type as the ones in Late Night with additional visual options and new ways to intimidate, so you won't see two varieties in your game if you already own Late Night. And of course a big difference is that you can now just create vampires and change the way they look right from the start in Create A Sim.

4 – How much QC is being done on this prior to release? Paying customers deserve product which actually works.
We know that quality and stability are things that are important to The Sims 3 players and these things are very important to us as well. With each product we release, we put a large amount of time and resources into testing all areas of the game experience, including testing with all combinations of previous releases and a very numerous set of system configurations. As a matter of fact, The Sims 3 Supernatural is currently going through a process which requires the game to pass through several gates that occur over the course of several months including internal review from multiple teams of dedicated QA testers and critical review and approval from independent EA certification teams. After the game is released, we have additional quality and customer support available through the EA Help Center for players who have questions or who experience a problem with their game. We are going to great lengths to ensure everyone has the best possible experience playing The Sims 3 Supernatural.

5 – The OP mentioned controlling celebs and supernatural populations: How would this apply to our Late Night celebrities? Will players be able to remove celebrity status from their existing celebrity sims?
See related answer associated with question #19

6 – What will the lunar cycle do to normal Sims?
On the full moon there is a chance a Sim may get the Lunacy Buff, which will cause them to act slightly odd and perhaps perform a Lunatic Slap or Lunatic Embrace with another Sim, or they just might Freak Out. We'll have more details surrounding the lunar cycle in the coming weeks to tell you all about!

7 – Can ghosts be created in CAS AND by magic?
es, you can create ghosts in CAS AND pick their death type. Plus, we have 3 new ways for Sims to die in The Sims 3 Supernatural. More details will come later, but what I can tell you know is that deaths are caused my magic, alchemy, and one of the new objects.

8 – Can we make Sims in ANY color? Orange Sims? Yellow Sims? Purple Sims? Grey Sims?
Well, maybe not "any" color, but players will be able to make Sims in just about every color of the rainbow. We have tried to provide a very diverse pallet to the skin tones in The Sims 3 Supernatural so you could create a wide variety of supernatural Sims, including the more extreme looks that people have in their imaginations.

9 – Will there be a potion's or spell's a normal Sim can buy from witches to get a promotion, fall in love, or make money?
Each of these 3 things can be accomplished with Magic of one sort or another, we'll be addressing more about these details in future live broadcasts and in developer blogs.

10 – Will traits effect the actions of Supernatural Sims, like evil Sims more likely attack/hex/curse unsuspecting Sims?
Yes, we made it a point to support the good and evil traits in wishes and autonomous behavior to let players better tell stories of good and evil witches and fairies.

11 – Will witches only be able to use spells with the alignment, and turn green and/or bubbly once they reached the top skill level like in TS2?
While some spells are more good or evil than others, Casting them will not affect your Sim's appearance. The Sims 3 witches are based more on current pop-culture witches like Harry Potter than on Wizard of Oz (as was the case for Sims2) Since you can make your witch in CAS and specify what they look like, we decided not to affect appearance by the spells you choose to cast. Spells do come in a variety and some lean toward good or evil – but sometimes even good witches need to cast a curse!

12 – Will dragons make a return?
There are no dragons in The Sims 3 Supernatural, but be assured there are plenty of other fun surprises in store.

13 – Are there any new toddler objects (CAS included)?
Yes, new objects that toddlers can use are the supernatural teddy bears, train set, fairy houses, and the new versions of the toy box and dollhouse. No new options in CAS for Toddlers however.

14 – Is there any creature-exclusive hairstyles or clothing?
We have tried to leave the clothing and hairstyles open to everyone to encourage more creative exploration, but our several of our clothing options are inspired by and tailored to specific supernatural types – torn clothing for werewolves, magical hats for witches, nature-inspired clothes for fairies, and "creature of the night" inspired clothes for vampires.

15 – Are more voices being added? (The fairy voice sounded new)
No, we didn't add any new voice types to Supernatural.

16 – Are there more baby interactions? (Besides rocking chair)
Outside of the rocking chair, there are no other new baby interactions.

17 – Is the Moonlight Falls average Sim richer than usual? (e.g. Bridgeport Sims being the richest on average )
The Sims in Moonlight Falls have the roughly the same average amount of simoleons that you would see in other expansion packs. Vampires do tend to have more simoleons then werewolves, but every Sim in Moonlight Falls is rich with character.

18 – Will the genie Sims from Showtime be either curable or compatible with the new SN-creatures?
All current supernatural Sims and special creature Sims will be "curable" with the Potent Cure Elixir except for the following: Unicorn, Imaginary Friend, and Ghost.

19 – When having for example 6 werewolves in a neighborhood in your active household, would you then in the slider options draw it down to "max number of werewolves = 0″, will those 6 werewolf Sims vanish completely into thin air, or will they just get rid of the werewolfness, and the same with all the other now controllable "life states"?
The new population control settings use checkboxes and not sliders. There has been some confusion over the new "Population Control Settings" that will appear in the option panel so let me explain this in a bit more detail.

Each Sims 3 town is setup to support story progression; this allows neighbors to move in, get married, promoted and advance in life. The game is basically working behind the scenes to keep the world balanced, alive and interesting over longer periods of time. This system also helps determine if there are too many or too few of a particular type of Sim and tries to keep it at an ideal population. The new population control settings allow players to turn this system on or off.

For example, if a player leaves the checkbox selected (the default), then they are choosing to have the game populate the world to its ideal setting for that particular Sim type. When the checkbox is empty, the game will do nothing to adjust the population of that Sim Type. Sims may still have supernatural babies, or may die, but the game will not go out of its way to maintain an ideal population for that Sim type. Note – If there are already werewolves in your world and you uncheck that Sim Type in the Population Control Settings, the existing werewolves will not be removed. If you would like a world free of werewolves, then you would need to make sure the checkbox is empty before any werewolves show up in your world.

There are also a few other fun ways that you can create and cure Sims in-game of the different supernatural types, stay tuned for more insights.

20 – How much will the trait system affect each occult type, for instance: Werewolves are already ill tempered (Read somewhere) so would one with the "Hot Headed" trait be twice as likely to "Make a Scene"? Also, in the case of Vegan Zombies, or whichever occult life-state, How in-depth in the trait/personality system at effecting Supernatural behavior?
Traits can affect the autonomous behavior of our new supernatural types and the wishes they will receive. For instance, werewolves with the Neat trait generally wouldn't scrounge through the garbage autonomously. A fairy with the evil trait will get wishes to play pranks on other Sims much more often.

21 – Is the Alchemy skill varied enough that it takes a while to master, unlike say the Chemistry Set, that It [Alchemy] will in fact, be more akin to say Nectar making (A trial and error system)?
The Alchemy skill has a lot of depth and variation! Not only will you have a visible 10 level skill to master, you'll need to research recipes and buy recipe books for the 40+ Elixir Recipes. And don't forget that you'll need to go out and find the ingredients to make each of these alchemical concoctions, which is a lot of fun for players who love gardening, or collecting bugs and gems. If that isn't enough, players can become a self-employed alchemist and make simoleons from elixirs.

22 – How will the acquirement of the Alchemy and Magical items be done? Is it all in Build/Buy mode, or Do you get a mysterious package, or purchase it from a shop in town?
Alchemy is driven from the Alchemy Station, which is purchasable in Buy Mode. Most of our magical items are available in Buy Mode as well. Witches are a little special (and we'll talk about that more later), but even they have some wand options in Buy Mode. We do have a special new shop in town that you can purchase elixirs and other items from – you'll also see more on that in the future.

23 – I remember reading about broom-riding arenas; will those be a new venue?
Broom riding is possible and we have some surprises in store related to were broom riding can occur, however, I don't want to give all the exciting details away just yet. We have a more in-depth look at this coming very soon!

As you may have heard, we're including advanced settings for controlling the population of some of the Sims types in the game, including some of the types introduced in previous expansion packs. With the new settings you'll be able to control the population growth of: vampires, fairies, werewolves, witches, pets, horses, and celebrities. You can allow your populations to continue to grow as normal (the default) or turn population growth off completely for each of the supported Sim types. However, the control is global and cannot be configured differently for each world or saved game. Of course, you must have the appropriate expansion pack for some types to appear at all.


Advanced Demographic Options

Will we be able to determine the number of pets in the neighborhood? Mainly unicorns.
Answer - You'll be able to control whether or not the game populates the world with horses and pets, but not specifically unicorns. Who doesn't like unicorns?

I would like to know if a zombie population slider will be included with the rest of the sliders? In the chat celebrity sliders and vampire, werewolve, ect. sliders were mentioned, but not zombies! Sorry if this is repetitive
Answer – The population control settings are on/off checkboxes and not sliders. Zombies are not one of the Sim types that you can control from the new settings. If you are interested in having more or less zombies in your world there are other ways that their population can be effected, such as using your Sims to turn other Sims into zombies through the new "brains" interaction. Also look for zombies to appear in the world on a full moon, those zombies will be cured the following morning. Sims can also make elixirs that create or cure zombies, therefore increasing or reducing the amount that you have in the world.

Is it possible to choose different settings for amount-of-occults in every new saved game, or is it just one slider for every game?
Answer - The new population controls affect the game globally just like the other settings in the options menu and are not associated with individual saved games.

So, say that I start a new game in Bridgeport, and I set the vampire population to zero. Will the pre-made vampires stay as vampires? Or will they turn human?
Answer - Vampires that already exist in Bridgeport at the time you un-check the vampire checkbox will remain as vampires in Bridgeport, The existing vampires can still "turn" other Sims however the game will not auto populate new vampires to the world after you un-check the box.

I know that you can control Supernatural Sims and celebrities. But are PAPARAZZI going to be controllable as well, or is that not possible because they will not be part of the playable population?
Answer - You can't directly control the paparazzi population with the new settings but there are two new options that will allow players to limit the celebrity populations in different ways, and as a result, the paparazzi that are drawn to them will be reduced. One option will allow you to prevent your active household from gaining celebrity status and the other option gives players the ability to control whether or not the game tries to maintain a balance of Sims with celebrity status in the world.

I did watch the video (not live) but would like to know it the population control will be available "without" the EP, via a patch or update? I am not planning on buying the EP but would already like to control vamp and celeb populations I already have.
Answer - The new settings will be available in the options menu if you have one of the expansion packs installed that includes one or more of the specific Sims types that are supported. The new settings will be released through a Game Update that will go out with the launch of The Sims 3 Supernatural.

Can pets be supernaturals?
Zombie dogs or fairy kittens could make for a whole game itself! In The Sims 3 Supernatural, pets that you've created using The Sims 3 Pets will not take on supernatural abilities. However, witches that own a cat or one of the other "small animals" will gain special benefits such as having an increased skill with the wand, having an increased mood and having a slower drain on magic.

Can pets turn into zombies?
No, pets do not turn into zombies.

What's new for ordinary Sims?
There are lots of new things for ordinary Sims to discover in The Sims 3 Supernatural. For instance, there are new traits to choose from such as 'Supernatural Skeptic' or 'Supernatural Fan' which will sway your Sims one way or another to either get along with supernatural Sims or want to steer clear of them. These traits create humorous new storylines that are fun to watch as your Sims fully embrace the unknown or try to ward them off.

In addition, ordinary Sims will have new interactions to choose from. Two of my favorites are 'Ask to Protect' or 'Promise to Protect' which allows Sims to lean on their fellow neighbors in case of an unwanted encounter with a supernatural Sim. I find these interactions fun additions to the game that enable you to create more dynamic relationships and tell more intriguing stories.

We have tons of new CAS clothing, build/buy objects and specialty items that can all be enjoyed by ordinary Sims. Sims can build their experience in alchemy by brewing a range of elixirs that have numerous effects. Ordinary Sims can also venture into a new career as a fortune teller or take a visit to the Traveler's Wagon to have their fortune read.

Additionally ordinary Sims will live in the new town of Moonlight Falls with a rich landscape, mysterious new venues and a surprising new Lunar Cycle that will cause a stir in town and have strange effects on ordinary Sims with the onset of the full moon.

Can supernatural Sims have babies? If so, what will it be?
Your supernatural Sims are certainly able to create children! Whether it's a relationship between two of the same supernatural Sims, two differing supernatural Sims or a supernatural Sim and an ordinary Sim, they will be able to start a family and have a baby.

The genetic system in The Sims 3 Supernatural works the same way as in The Sims 3 base game. The offspring of two of the same supernatural Sims will have a very high chance of inheriting the looks and traits of that supernatural type. The offspring of two differing supernatural Sims will have a chance of taking on the looks and abilities from one side of the family. The same goes for the offspring of supernatural Sims and ordinary Sims. The offspring will either have the looks and traits of the supernatural parent or of the ordinary parent.

All the above possibilities introduce new and compelling storylines to experience, making things around home a bit more mystical!

Tell us more about the Lunar Cycle. Is it customizable?
In The Sims 3 Supernatural we wanted to bring in a new element of gameplay that would affect both ordinary Sims and supernatural Sims. Playing into the theme of magic, mystery and mischief, we thought that a luminous Lunar Cycle could set the stage for some strange happenings that go bump in the night. Of course, none of The Sims games would be complete without the option of customization, so the team created a new tab specific to the Lunar Cycle to allow for more player customization. In The Sims 3 Supernatural you can set your Lunar Cycle to rotate through the different phases of the moon, which can last anywhere from two days to ten days. If you wish, you can even choose to have the moon stay static. For instance, if you wish to have a full moon every night, you can do so by selecting the static option. The same works for any of the other moon phases.

Can regular Sims adopt Supernatural children?
No, Sims will not be able to adopt supernatural children but players will be able to create supernatural children directly from CAS.
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