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The Sims 3 Ambitions - Italian preview with Grant Rodiek [part I] PDF Print
Written by CriCri Tuesday, 18 May 2010 01:24
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The Sims 3 Ambitions - Italian preview with Grant Rodiek [part I]
Careers and abilities: firefighter and interior designer
Careers and skills: Private eye and stylist
Careers and skills: Doctor and ghost hunter
Careers and skills:Inventing, sculpting and tattoing
The Education career and registering as an independent
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Thanks to EA Italy's marketing office, with the collaboration of Eden (The Sims community manager), we were able to attend an exclusive preview of The Sims 3 Ambitions in their offices in Milan. Special guests of the event were Producer Grant Rodiek and the International Marketing Assistant. During the afternoon, Grant showed us the new features of the game coming out in June and made himself available to answer all of our questions. We are really honored for taking part in this event, as many stages of the European promotional tour have been cancelled due to the recent weather events, and Grant only visited the UK, Spain and Italy. Members of our staff attending the event, despite all the misadventures we had (including bad weather, traffic and the Italian train company who literally tried to boycott us!), were Cristina, the boss, Paperpin, the translation server and Nenny, our chaperone and "home", and several other community members and fans.

Don't be scared by the lenght of our article! You'll find a lot of interesting information and all you need to know about The Sims 3 Ambitions, along with a series of fun facts and details taken from the other European events, that you will find highlighted by this symbol !Information taken from other fan events!, as we cannot guarantee their accuracy. The following article was obviously written together with my mate Paperpin.

lang_portuguese_vlang_brasil_vPortoguese translation is available here, thanks to AlalaSims!
lang_french_vFrench translation can be found on ForumSims3!

icon_ts3_ep2_hipLoading screen and icon

Nobody has mentioned the loading screen and the game's icon yet, and as we know how curious you are, we're going to write a few lines about them.

While orange had invaded the background of World Adventures and green was the main shade of Loft Stuff, light blue is now back, surrounded by clouds [Editor's note (edn): at first we thought it was fog, but then Grant explained it was clouds identifying the "ambition"..]
The icon is light blue too (just like the loading screen of the base game, but in a lighter shade) and vaguely resembles that of The Sims 2 Teen Style Stuff.

Warning: The icon represented above is purely descriptive. We took Loft Stuff's icon and changed the shade to resemble the one we saw in the preview. It is NOT the actual icon.

icon_workCareers and abilities

The heart of the presentation were the new careers, the theme of this EP. Grant showed us only the firefighter, architect and private investigator careers plus a general overview of the inventing, sculpting and tattooing abilities. The new careers allow you to follow your Sims at work and interact with his/her activities. As we have already mentioned in the past, you can now work as:

  • fireman
  • doctor
  • ghost hunter
  • private investigator
  • architect
  • stylist

and gain skills in:

  • inventing
  • sculpting
  • tattooing

These were created trying to meet every kind of player's taste: firefighter and ghost hunter for the extreme players, private investigator and doctor are great for the storytellers and of course, the creative ones will love the new tools for the stylist and the interior designer. Along with those new "playable" jobs there is also a traditional career in the Education field.

Everytime you solve a case or complete a mission in each job, the City Hall will award you with a special prize, such as bonuses of several kinds, certificates and wearable medals.
Here below are listed all the new careers.

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