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The Sims 3 Ambitions - Italian preview with Grant Rodiek [part I] PDF Print
Written by CriCri Tuesday, 18 May 2010 01:24
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The Sims 3 Ambitions - Italian preview with Grant Rodiek [part I]
Careers and abilities: firefighter and interior designer
Careers and skills: Private eye and stylist
Careers and skills: Doctor and ghost hunter
Careers and skills:Inventing, sculpting and tattoing
The Education career and registering as an independent
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Thanks to EA Italy's marketing office, with the collaboration of Eden (The Sims community manager), we were able to attend an exclusive preview of The Sims 3 Ambitions in their offices in Milan. Special guests of the event were Producer Grant Rodiek and the International Marketing Assistant. During the afternoon, Grant showed us the new features of the game coming out in June and made himself available to answer all of our questions. We are really honored for taking part in this event, as many stages of the European promotional tour have been cancelled due to the recent weather events, and Grant only visited the UK, Spain and Italy. Members of our staff attending the event, despite all the misadventures we had (including bad weather, traffic and the Italian train company who literally tried to boycott us!), were Cristina, the boss, Paperpin, the translation server and Nenny, our chaperone and "home", and several other community members and fans.

Don't be scared by the lenght of our article! You'll find a lot of interesting information and all you need to know about The Sims 3 Ambitions, along with a series of fun facts and details taken from the other European events, that you will find highlighted by this symbol !Information taken from other fan events!, as we cannot guarantee their accuracy. The following article was obviously written together with my mate Paperpin.

lang_portuguese_vlang_brasil_vPortoguese translation is available here, thanks to AlalaSims!
lang_french_vFrench translation can be found on ForumSims3!

icon_ts3_ep2_hipLoading screen and icon

Nobody has mentioned the loading screen and the game's icon yet, and as we know how curious you are, we're going to write a few lines about them.

While orange had invaded the background of World Adventures and green was the main shade of Loft Stuff, light blue is now back, surrounded by clouds [Editor's note (edn): at first we thought it was fog, but then Grant explained it was clouds identifying the "ambition"..]
The icon is light blue too (just like the loading screen of the base game, but in a lighter shade) and vaguely resembles that of The Sims 2 Teen Style Stuff.

Warning: The icon represented above is purely descriptive. We took Loft Stuff's icon and changed the shade to resemble the one we saw in the preview. It is NOT the actual icon.

icon_workCareers and abilities

The heart of the presentation were the new careers, the theme of this EP. Grant showed us only the firefighter, architect and private investigator careers plus a general overview of the inventing, sculpting and tattooing abilities. The new careers allow you to follow your Sims at work and interact with his/her activities. As we have already mentioned in the past, you can now work as:

  • fireman
  • doctor
  • ghost hunter
  • private investigator
  • architect
  • stylist

and gain skills in:

  • inventing
  • sculpting
  • tattooing

These were created trying to meet every kind of player's taste: firefighter and ghost hunter for the extreme players, private investigator and doctor are great for the storytellers and of course, the creative ones will love the new tools for the stylist and the interior designer. Along with those new "playable" jobs there is also a traditional career in the Education field.

Everytime you solve a case or complete a mission in each job, the City Hall will award you with a special prize, such as bonuses of several kinds, certificates and wearable medals.
Here below are listed all the new careers.


go to emergency!The heroic career as a fireman provides you with several things to do: Sims don't always have to run to solve emergencies. Grant seemed really excited while showing us the various possibilities and explaining that it is necessary to take care of the equipment because you always have to be on the go. In the meantime, the alarm started to ring and our Sim run (well, actually he was not running at all since Grant had paused the game) to the firetruck and headed toward the emergency site. There, the Sim had to face a small fire on the upper floor of the house. It is important to analyze the scene and see if there are Sims to save or if you need to break into a room to estinguish the fire with the hose. In your help, however, there's a small window on the left indicating the number of burning tiles/items, your actual physical shape, how long you've been training (and therefore are able to resist) and so on. When the emergency is over, you can also socialize with the Sims you saved/helped, and - quoting Grant

you could also meet the woman of your dreams and say "Hey, I'm a firefighter.."

[En: of course, written or translated is not the same thing...try to imagine a Hollywood actor with the right facial expression and a persuasive voice saying that. It was hilarious!]

firefighter_03 firefighter_04


  • different scales of emergencies;
  • different kinds of emergencies, such as fires, meteors, earthquakes, air conditioning freezing patiens in the hospital [!Informazione non verificata!reported by Molly @Simatography];
  • firefighter_02
  • various activities to do while in the fire station waiting for an emergency, such as maintainance of the equipment, phisical training, socializing with co-workers and so on. You can also take it easy and relax in front of the TV eating something, if you prefer;
  • different actions: breaking windows or doors, using the fire extinguisher or the hose, depending on the kind of emergency;
  • firefighter may also be called to chase gnomes!
  • you can use the fireman's pole to climb down quickly from the upstairs (which is typical of every fire station scene!);.
  • CuriositĂ  Tips: you can also buy the pole for you house!
icon_architectInterior designer
You can start to work as an architect/interior designer through the newspaper or using the computer. You'll have to work at home...of your clients! In fact, there isn't a builing for this career. You have a certain amount of working hours when you'll have to be available and can find working occasions by looking at the city map. Sims looking for an architect are highlighted with a yellow and red symbol placed above their houses: if you click on them you will find their requests, their budget and so on.

phoca_thumb_l_ts3_ep2_08The story progression will provide you with many opportunities: for example, couples expecting a baby may need you to create a new childroom or, if the child has grown up, they may require you to refurnish the room. Of course, you will be paid for your job and sometimes may get a reward, like a certificate or medal. Each customer will provide you with a maximum budget and a list of essential items, but you can also vary a bit. You can also impress your clients by showing them your portfolio with your previous works. It is also important to meet the taste of your clients: spending some time socializing with them will give you a special bonus. For example, if you find out that the Sim is frugal, you can get a bonus by spending less than budgeted. On the other hand, if s/he is a snob will be happy to spend more than expected to get expensive items. Artistic Sims will enjoy paintings, decorations and easels; evil Sims love dark environments with a very few window; Sims with the Eco-friendly trait are obsessed with reciclying while music lovers will enjoy guitars and stereos, and so on.

After a short overview of the house, you can enter the Renovation mode: on the left side of the screen you'll get a window listing the traits of your customers (if you know them), your available budget and a list of  essential items. In the meantime you will be taken in the Buy/Build mode and proceed with your work.
You can give your personal touch by using items from your own inventory such as photos, portraits, collected objects, etc. You can also place broken or dirty items (like a dirty toilet) to spite your enemies!

phoca_thumb_l_ts3_ep2_17In the official screenshots we can see architects measuring a room: this interaction is actually optional and will however positively influence your final feedback. What feedback? Your clients will evalue your work and base on it to decide your pay! When you're done with your work you can phone your clients and show what you've done. If you paid attention to their personality and measured the room, you'll get an extra for your commitment. At this point you can also take a pictures of your work (with your phone or your digital camera, if you have World Adventures) and add it to your portfolio (which is in your personaly inventory and has an icon similar to a PDA).


  • measuring a room before starting with the renovation is optional but will affect your final feedback;
  • learning more about your clients (tastes and traits) will affect your final feedback;
  • when you're finished you can take a picture of your work and keep it in your portfolio;
  • there isn't a building for this career, but you'll have to browse the map and find potential clients.

Investigatore PrivatoPrivate eye
One of the most interesting careers in Ambitions is the private investigator. To get this job you can use the newspaper or your computer and - with a system like World Adventure's - you can decide which cases you want to follow (one per time) and when to go out and investigate.
investigator_02Private eyes can collaborate with the police for some cases or work autonomously when someone hires them (!Informazione non  verificata!for example, BlackGarden@TSR described one of the cases she followed during the Hands-on event in London. Her private investigator was asked to find who kicked over the garden gnome in her client's garden. By rummaging in the trashcan, he found a shoe whose sole matched the footprint left on the gnome!). There are several things you can do while investigating, and not all of them are...politically correct. Private eyes can rummage through someone's garbage or mailbox, search among bushes or break into someone's house when nobody's there and..take things for evidence! (Just try to imagine what could happen with a kleptomaniac investigator...). They have to pay attention, however, not to be seen or not to start alarms, otherwise they'll have to run away very quickly! They'll be provided with several new interactions as well as a new burglar kit and a fingerprints powder. But that's not all. When a private eye has an enemy or bad neighborhood issues, s/he can also decide to get him/her in troubles by searching for compromising information in his/her garbage and blackmail him/her!
Grant showed us the night scene of a private investigator hiding near a suspected Sim's house: the city was covered with an eerie fog and looked really mysterious. All around the house a series of light blue magnifying glasses appeared, highlighting the "hot spots" where you can search for evidence. Of course all the cases have that humorous and comic feeling, typical of the Sims, laughs are guaranteed! Also, there is a fun interaction that allows private eyes not to be seen while following someone: Grant told us a very funny story about a guy who hangs out in San Francisco and loves hiding among the greenery, then quickly comes out scaring people...well, like he does, private investigators can hide behind the bushes and spy on other Sims with very weird and funny gestures. Incredibly, nobody notices him! investigator_01We have also asked the producer if when playing with a household we can hire a private eye, ghost hunter or architect, but clearly the answer was no.

  • private eyes can work autonomously or collaborate with the police;
  • there are several tools available, such as fingerprint powder and a burglar kit;
  • investigations are based on a system like World Adventure's and hot spots are highlighted by a magnifying glass;
  • private investigators can rummaging through someone's garbage or mailbox, break into someone's house and take things for evidence, blackmail Sims, follow someones and fight, if necessary
  • you cannot hire a private investigator or any other "playable" career worker.

The stylist career allows you to work on other Sims' appearance and give them a new look. Just like any other new career, you will be hired by Sims who feel like changing something about their look, so it may be a good idea to know their traits and tastes. The stylist's working place is the local salon, where you'll have to go everyday to meet your customers. Once there, you can decide whether you want to hang out with your co-workers or meet your customers. Keep in mind that during your working hours you'll receive requests through pop-up windows, just like opportunities (and the interiors designer career).
stylistStylists can only edit a Sims' clothes, makeup and hairstyle, choosing from a wider range of possibilities: those who want to work in this career, in fact, are provided with an exclusive set of hairdos and clothing, which are not shown in the traditional CAS. Just like the interior designer, you will get a list of wishes, such as 3 new formal dresses, 3 everyday clothes and so on. These, of course, are the minimum requirements. When you work on a Sim's look, s/he is autonomously taken into a lighter version of the Create a Sim screen, and there you can make the choices you want. Even in this case you can play tricks on your enemies: there are several weird options like bad hairstyles, smeared make up and so on. Obviously, the more you meet you customer's requests, the more you'll earn.
!Informazione non verificata!There may also be a connection with The Sims 2 Open for Business, that is, a mix between experience and your final result. Tidus on the official UK forum said that his sylist was at his first job and had poor artistic skills, so he transformed his customer in some kind of clown.stylist_01
Also, a few lines ago we have mentioned a "lighter" version of the CAS, and there's a reason for that. Stylists cannot edit a Sim's facial features, so s/he doesn't have the same abilities of The Sims 2 University's plastic surgeon, for example. We have asked Grant Rodiek if we'll ever have this option again (since genetics isn's always mercyful with townies) and he answered with a sly face:


so we're very hopeful for the future (let's say it again: there is NO plastic surgeon in Ambitions, maybe we'll get it in some future EP).

  • the stylist's working place is the salon;
  • stylists can modify the look of other Sims, changing the hairstyle, clothing and makeup;
  • stylists have a wider range of options to choose from because they have exclusive hairdos and clothes;
  • you cannot edit your customer's facial features.

medico Doctor
The new medical career is a hybrid between innovation and traditional careers. The hospital is still the working place and remains inaccessible. In addition to the traditional working hours, doctordoctors may be asked to help Sims about to choke while having dinner at the bistro, give free vaccine or test new drugs on other Sims – beware from the side effects!
We cannot tell you more about this career because Grant spoke very briefly about it and was not part of the presentation. There aren't news not even on the web, but thanks to the official screenshots and some videos, we can guess that doctos can make radiographies. However, when not in the hospital, the career should develop like the others, that is, from the map and through the opportunities-like pop ups.

Acchiappa fantasmi Ghost hunter
Another interesting career of Ambitions is the ghost hunter, which unfortunately has been only overviewed during the fan event. For the sake of clarity, we’re reporting a few pieces of information taken from BlackGarden@TSR !Informazione riportata da altre anteprime!.
ghostAs for many other "playable" career, working means that you have to visit your customer’s houses, as they call you if they have supernatural issues. From the map view you can see which houses are haunted and decide whether to go to lend a hand or not. Despite the official screenshots, also, the ghosts you can hunt are not persons but floating and colored swirls (which color depends on how they died). They can also take furnishing, acting like poltergeists. When you enter a haunted place, you will be surrounded by a mysterious fog and have to look for clues of supernatural beings.

Ghost hunters have a special gun, which vaguely resembles a vacuum cleaner, that can suck the spirit and free the house. In this way, the ghost is placed in your inventory and you can display it at home into bowls. By mastering this career you will be able to ask ghosts to leave instead of sucking them in. While trying the game ourselves, we have played with a ghost hunter and looked at his inventory, which was full of colored bowls. If you hover your mouse on them, you can see the ghost's age and its nature [edn: if we don't go wrong there was a "young ghost" or something like that].ghost_02 Like fishes, bugs and butterflies, you can name your ghost, set it free or sell it at the Science facility.

!Informazione riportata da  altre anteprime!Blackgarden said that ghost hunters can also be called to work in one of the town's rabbit holes. The fun thing is that while your Sim is there, funny effects surround the building.

  • ghosts are swirls of colored light and not normal ghosts of Sims;
  • ghosts are sucked into a special gun;
  • ghost hunters can display the captured spirit at home, name it, set it free or sell it.

 Inventing is not a new career but, as we said before, a new interesting ability that allows your Sims to assemble several materials and build something special. Being an ability (not a career) it is made of 10 points, each of which unlocks objects and functions.

Inventor's workbenchInventors can create many different items using the new workbench. Obviously, we didn’t have the chance to see them all, but we learned that you can start with very simple widgets, create toys and end up with high-tech objects like the Sim Bot or the time machine. You can also find materials to work with by visiting the local junkyard (Twinbrook should have two of them) or the consignment shop, so that your Sims are always provided with fertile ground to experiment with. In the junkyard, for example, you will be guided by sparkling little symbols, highlighting the items you may need [!Informazione riportata da  altre anteprime! information taken from BlackGarden@TSR]. Once you collected all you need, you can get back home and start working. It is strongly recommendable to keep a fire alarm in your lab: while playing around with objects or working hard on something, everything may go on fire! When you reach your first level in inventing, you can go to the City Hall and register as an independent. The objects you create can be more or less useful. During the presentation, Grant showed us a Floor Hygienator: when Sims walk by, they are surrounded by bubbles.
Tunnel created with the drillerAs you gain skills in inventing, you can create very useful items. A very interesting invention Grant showed us was the driller, which allows you to create tunnels throughout the city, and you can decide the start point and end. Of course, Sims can use them to reach various places. In particular, if the tunnel ends under the police station you can help the prisoners to escape!

Entrata nella macchina del tempoAnother thing many players will enjoy is the time machine. With this tool, Sims can travel in the past and the future. On their return, they can bring with them rare items such as cave gnomes, money, gems and many other things or they can come with different outfits like medieval armor or futuristic dresses! Sims can also woohoo in the time machine...which can turn out to be quite weird if they try for a baby, as you may get a child of the past or the future! Grant has also explained that Sims can get particular outfits, inspired to other EA games, and objects. Although we weren't allowed to take pictures and our Sims didn't get anything special from time travelling, we have taken a few screenshots from the videos/images published so far.

Please note: you won't be able to follow your Sim while travelling in time, as shown in the "Need You Now" video. You will only watch the time machine moving around and the Sim will quickly get out of it with new outfits and object in his inventory.

Here below you can find samples of caveman and medieval outfits.

Sim just out of time machine with caveman outfitscaveman outfits
Sim just out of time machine with caveman outfitsPerhaps it's a Knight outfits, bonus for time travel, even if here is a ghost to wear it!

(Please note: the cave was built for video purposes using World Adventure's features. You won't find anything like that in the game or travelling through time.)

The hardest invention you can try to create is the Sim Bot, a full working robot that is almost a Sim. Being the new creatures introduced in this EP (after World Adventure's mummies), we'll talk about them later. Just keep in mind that it's so hard to create that you'll end up purchasing it!
Becoming skilled sculptors is useful and entertaining: they can carve and sculpt many different materials to create fun and functional objects. sculptor_01With their workbench, they can sculpt metal, wood, clay and ice, and the  bravest may choose to shape topiaries in various forms. You can create statues, furnishing (Grant’s Sim created a clay chair) or portrait your friends in various poses.

As for inventors, once you get the first level you can register as independent at the City Hall. Also, you can go to the junkyard/consignment shop and get useful items for your words. By purchasing the “Artisan crafter” reward, you will be able to avoid melting and have a permanent collection of icy items.

CuriositĂ Note: by using the buydebug cheat you will be able to purchase many sculptures your Sims can create!
Unconventional Sims will enjoy the wide range of tattoos introduced by Ambitions, which offers many different opportunities for the body art lovers. You can get a tattoo in two ways: in the CAS, if you are creating a Sim, or in the local salon through the appropriate tattoo chair.
Grant showed us how to do it in the Create a Sim screen. The tattoo tab is in the Head section and it’s placed below the makeup tab. After clicking on this button, you will get a window similar to the makeup or accessories’, which shows all the available designs (there are many tribal shapes, skulls, wings, the little purple Woohoo heart from the Sims 2 and many other designs). On the top of this window, you will find all the various parts of the body you can use (there should be about a dozen of them: four on the arm, two on the chest, the back and legs); besides there is a vertical box with five slots, representing the several levels you can overlay tattoos on. Once you have chosen the design you want and the body part you want to use, just click on the tattoo and it will be automatically placed on the Sim, appearing at level 5 (the lowest). tattoo_02

Like the Create a style tool, you can change the channels of the design; Grant, for example, created a red and yellow skull and placed it on his Sim’s navel. Then he took a tribal rounded design and enlarged it using the two sliders for size and opacity available in the design box. Eventually, he placed two wings in order to complete the work. There are many designs and combinations available, all you have to do is try and enjoy yourselves! As usual, you can share your designs on the Exchange or save them to your Favorites folder.

Unlike the other two abilities, however, tattoo makers cannot register as independent workers. Grant explained that it could be considered as an “extra” activity and not a proper career, so you cannot make a living out of it. Also, you cannot make tattoos to teenagers. 

If you're not interested in Ambitions or don't plan to buy it ... tattoos will be available for the base game too. There will be an update that allows you to get a limited amount of tattoos, but in the CAS only.


insegnamento Education
By clicking on the school you can start working in the Education field, a career that develops in the “traditional way” of the base game. This means that the school is still a rabbit hole, and you cannot see what is happening inside. As usual, the Education career is made of ten levels, as follows:

  1. Playground Monitor
  2. Teacher's Aide
  3. Substitute Teacher
  4. Elementary School Teacher
  5. Middle School Teacher
  6. High School Teacher
  7. Department Head
  8. Assistant Principal
  9. Principal
  10. District superintendent

    Lavoratore autonomoRegistering as an independent worker

    Finally, Sims can register as independent workers! Unlike the past, when your character does not embrace a standard working career (whether it is "playable" as those of Ambitions or traditional as those of the base game) and makes a living out of writing books or painting pictures, for example, it won’t appear as an unemployed anymore. You can go to the City Hall and register as an independent. This affects several abilities, for a total amount of eight:

    • Writing;
    • Gardening;
    • Fishing;
    • Painting;
    • Nectar making(requires Travel Adventures);
    • Photography (requires Travel Adventures);
    • Sculpting (requires Ambitions);
    • Inventing (requires Ambitions).

    All the remaining abilities are not affected by this option (cooking, athletic, handiness, etc...). In this way, you can sell your works and earn by developing your favorite abilities and won't show up as lazy unemployed! Moreover, you can also receive special bonuses from the City Hall!

    The first part of our coverage is now officially complete! Part two is coming soon - we'll be talking about new traits and lifetime rewards, the laundry system, Sim Bots, Twinbrook (the new neighborhood), updates to Sunset Valley and Riverview, news from the Buy/Build modes and CAS, the new neighborhood editing tools and the new graphic interface/notify system.
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