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The Sims 3 Ambitions - Italian preview with Grant Rodiek [part I] - Inventing, sculpting and tattoing PDF Print
Written by CriCri Tuesday, 18 May 2010 01:24
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The Sims 3 Ambitions - Italian preview with Grant Rodiek [part I]
Careers and abilities: firefighter and interior designer
Careers and skills: Private eye and stylist
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Careers and skills:Inventing, sculpting and tattoing
The Education career and registering as an independent
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 Inventing is not a new career but, as we said before, a new interesting ability that allows your Sims to assemble several materials and build something special. Being an ability (not a career) it is made of 10 points, each of which unlocks objects and functions.

Inventor's workbenchInventors can create many different items using the new workbench. Obviously, we didn’t have the chance to see them all, but we learned that you can start with very simple widgets, create toys and end up with high-tech objects like the Sim Bot or the time machine. You can also find materials to work with by visiting the local junkyard (Twinbrook should have two of them) or the consignment shop, so that your Sims are always provided with fertile ground to experiment with. In the junkyard, for example, you will be guided by sparkling little symbols, highlighting the items you may need [!Informazione riportata da  altre anteprime! information taken from BlackGarden@TSR]. Once you collected all you need, you can get back home and start working. It is strongly recommendable to keep a fire alarm in your lab: while playing around with objects or working hard on something, everything may go on fire! When you reach your first level in inventing, you can go to the City Hall and register as an independent. The objects you create can be more or less useful. During the presentation, Grant showed us a Floor Hygienator: when Sims walk by, they are surrounded by bubbles.
Tunnel created with the drillerAs you gain skills in inventing, you can create very useful items. A very interesting invention Grant showed us was the driller, which allows you to create tunnels throughout the city, and you can decide the start point and end. Of course, Sims can use them to reach various places. In particular, if the tunnel ends under the police station you can help the prisoners to escape!

Entrata nella macchina del tempoAnother thing many players will enjoy is the time machine. With this tool, Sims can travel in the past and the future. On their return, they can bring with them rare items such as cave gnomes, money, gems and many other things or they can come with different outfits like medieval armor or futuristic dresses! Sims can also woohoo in the time machine...which can turn out to be quite weird if they try for a baby, as you may get a child of the past or the future! Grant has also explained that Sims can get particular outfits, inspired to other EA games, and objects. Although we weren't allowed to take pictures and our Sims didn't get anything special from time travelling, we have taken a few screenshots from the videos/images published so far.

Please note: you won't be able to follow your Sim while travelling in time, as shown in the "Need You Now" video. You will only watch the time machine moving around and the Sim will quickly get out of it with new outfits and object in his inventory.

Here below you can find samples of caveman and medieval outfits.

Sim just out of time machine with caveman outfitscaveman outfits
Sim just out of time machine with caveman outfitsPerhaps it's a Knight outfits, bonus for time travel, even if here is a ghost to wear it!

(Please note: the cave was built for video purposes using World Adventure's features. You won't find anything like that in the game or travelling through time.)

The hardest invention you can try to create is the Sim Bot, a full working robot that is almost a Sim. Being the new creatures introduced in this EP (after World Adventure's mummies), we'll talk about them later. Just keep in mind that it's so hard to create that you'll end up purchasing it!
Becoming skilled sculptors is useful and entertaining: they can carve and sculpt many different materials to create fun and functional objects. sculptor_01With their workbench, they can sculpt metal, wood, clay and ice, and the  bravest may choose to shape topiaries in various forms. You can create statues, furnishing (Grant’s Sim created a clay chair) or portrait your friends in various poses.

As for inventors, once you get the first level you can register as independent at the City Hall. Also, you can go to the junkyard/consignment shop and get useful items for your words. By purchasing the “Artisan crafter” reward, you will be able to avoid melting and have a permanent collection of icy items.

CuriositĂ Note: by using the buydebug cheat you will be able to purchase many sculptures your Sims can create!
Unconventional Sims will enjoy the wide range of tattoos introduced by Ambitions, which offers many different opportunities for the body art lovers. You can get a tattoo in two ways: in the CAS, if you are creating a Sim, or in the local salon through the appropriate tattoo chair.
Grant showed us how to do it in the Create a Sim screen. The tattoo tab is in the Head section and it’s placed below the makeup tab. After clicking on this button, you will get a window similar to the makeup or accessories’, which shows all the available designs (there are many tribal shapes, skulls, wings, the little purple Woohoo heart from the Sims 2 and many other designs). On the top of this window, you will find all the various parts of the body you can use (there should be about a dozen of them: four on the arm, two on the chest, the back and legs); besides there is a vertical box with five slots, representing the several levels you can overlay tattoos on. Once you have chosen the design you want and the body part you want to use, just click on the tattoo and it will be automatically placed on the Sim, appearing at level 5 (the lowest). tattoo_02

Like the Create a style tool, you can change the channels of the design; Grant, for example, created a red and yellow skull and placed it on his Sim’s navel. Then he took a tribal rounded design and enlarged it using the two sliders for size and opacity available in the design box. Eventually, he placed two wings in order to complete the work. There are many designs and combinations available, all you have to do is try and enjoy yourselves! As usual, you can share your designs on the Exchange or save them to your Favorites folder.

Unlike the other two abilities, however, tattoo makers cannot register as independent workers. Grant explained that it could be considered as an “extra” activity and not a proper career, so you cannot make a living out of it. Also, you cannot make tattoos to teenagers. 

If you're not interested in Ambitions or don't plan to buy it ... tattoos will be available for the base game too. There will be an update that allows you to get a limited amount of tattoos, but in the CAS only.


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