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Written by CriCri Wednesday, 19 May 2010 16:46
As you already know, thanks to EA Italy's marketing office, with the collaboration of Eden (The Sims community manager), we were able to attend an exclusive preview of The Sims 3 Ambitions in their offices in Milan. Special guests of the event were Producer Grant Rodiek and the International Marketing Assistant.

After explaining the new careers and abilities, the second part of our article is about new traits and lifetime rewards, the laundry system, Sim Bots, Twinbrook (the new neighborhood), updates to Sunset Valley and Riverview, news from the Buy/Build modes and CAS, the new neighborhood editing tools and the new graphic interface/notify system.

Don't be scared by the lenght of our article! You'll find a lot of interesting information and all you need to know about The Sims 3 Ambitions, along with a series of fun facts and details taken from the other European events, that you will find highlighted by this symbol !Information taken from other fan  events!, as we cannot guarantee their accuracy. The following article, like the previous, was written together with my mate Paperpin.

lang_portuguese_vlang_brasil_vPortoguese translation is available here, thanks to AlalaSims!
lang_french_vFrench translation can be found on ForumSims3!

Tratti e desideri vitaliziTraits and lifetime wishes

Ambitions introduces six new traits, each of which can help you with the new careers:
  • icon_cashBorn salesman;
  • icon_lightbulbEccentric: great for inventors;
  • icon_ecofriendlyEco friendly: this is the trait that has been covered the most. It might have been introduced to focus your attention on the environment, so your Sims will be positively (or negatively) affected by several actions. If you choose to ride the bike or use the carpool service to go to work, your Sim will get a positive moodlet. On the other hand, using your own car will give them a negative mood. Also: eco-friendly Sims will prefer showers instead of bubbling baths and, as we’ll see shortly, when doing the laundry, they will use the clothes line instead of the dryer. They will also enjoy recycling with the new recycling bin;
  • icon_insanDramatic;
  • icon_microscopePerceptive: great for private eyes, gain logical skills very quickly;
  • icon_vaseSavvy sculptor.

We have also asked Grant if there are hidden traits, and he replied that no, there aren’t in this EP and probably there will never be anymore, as they’re quite hard to get (in fact, when he asked us if we ever had the chance to use them, we answered “yes, but using hacks”).

There are, anyway, new lifetime wishes related to the new traits, but we didn’t have the chance to see them.

icon_awardmLifetime rewards

Satisfying your Sims’ wishes will allow you to purchase new awards:
  • Suave Seller: gives you an extra bonus for each completed job;
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: allows you to know your customer's traits quickly;
  • Artisan crafter: you can earn more from the items you sculpt ;
  • Fire proof homestead: your house will be permanently fireproof;
  • My best friend: allows you to get a Sim Bot for about 40,000 points.

Please note: as during the event Grant hasn't named the rewards since he was showing them on the screen, we have taken the list of names from other previews. The meanings of Suave Seller and Entrepreneurial Mindset may be inverted then.

icon_bucato The laundry system

Doing the laundry is an option that many players have always wanted and now, finally, we’ll get it! Ambitions, in fact, features a laundry system which allows Sims to do the washing up, drying clothes in the sun or using the dryer.

This option is not mandatory: to "activate" the laundry you need to buy a washing machine. After that, Sims will randomly leave around the house (especially in the bathroom after showering) piles of dirty clothes. In the game, there are different kinds of washing machines, cheaper or more expensive, a dryer and a drying rack for the outside (where the clothes will drop from as well).

In this regard, we also found that Sims with the Eco-friendly trait will receive a positive moodlet for using the drying rack and a negative moodlet for using the dryer (it's all about electricity!).

Also, there will be a laundry in town, so if you don’t want to buy all the objects, you can still go there to wash your cloche [nde: we have seen the laundry lot in Twinbrook, but we didn’t visit it, so we can’t tell you how this really works].

  • To activate the laundry you need to buy a washing machine. The laundry option is not mandatory;
  • You can dry your clothes on the clothes line or in the dryer;
  • There is also a “public” laundry;
  • There are different kinds of washing machines with different power consumption;
  • The use of the laundry system affects the mood of eco-friendly Sims.

icon_robotSim Bot


Sim Bots are the new creatures introduced by this EP. After ghosts and mummies, robots are finally back, and they vaguely remind of The Sims 2 Open for Business’ Servos. Just stylistlike them, in fact, Sim Bots can be created by inventors, but Grant told us that making them is very hard. However, to make them available for everyone, you can always purchase them. Well, it’s not a real purchase since you can get them through lifetime rewards and aren’t sold in stores! You’ll need about 40,000 points and then you can get your new best friend.

Sim Bots are fun and useful: they eat metal scraps, can sleep in bed (don’t need to recharge then), can woohoo but of course cannot have babies or have a shower/bath. They can also talk to microwaves and love smashing objects rotating their arms like a helicopter! However, Sim Bots are like any other Sim: they can babysit your kids, get a job, clean the house, cook your dinner and so on..

Please note: Sim Bots are starring in the Iron Man video. However, special effects have been used for them: in fact, Sim Bots cannot fly. As for the customizing option, we asked Grant about it, but he wasn't sure if we can change the color of the Sim Bot or not. He even tried to check it, but his Sim didn't have enough points to get one.

  • Sim Bots can be built (at level 10 in Inventing) or bought as a lifetime reward;
  • They eat metal scraps;
  • They don’t need to recharge but sleep in bed and act like any other Sim;
  • They can’t get showers;
  • They love smashing objects and can talk to microwaves;
  • They can woohoo but cannot have babies;
  • They can’t fly.

icon_land Twinbrook & rabbit holes

Ambitions introduces a new neighborhood, called Twinbrook. Just like Sunset Valley or Riverview, it is fully crowded and organized. In the town you will find certain places, i.e. the junkyard, the consignment store, the laundry or the tattoo saloon. that We’re not sure if the general update will include these lots in Sunset Valley or Riverview too, but you can always place them in the Edit Town menu. 

This does not mean that to play with these places or with the new careers, you’ll have to move to Twinbrook. Simply, the new town comes with all the new lots, but you can place them in Sunset Valley or Riverview as you prefer.


Grant Rodiek also explained that Twinbrook is inspired to the southern area of the United States (Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, etc.) and has a different style than Sunset Valley or Riverview. There are also new neighborhood decorations (among which a wooden rabbit) and a cute new iron bridge.

There is also something new for the so-called rabbit holes, that is, inaccessible lots such as the school, the supermarket or the theater. With Ambitions, these have been updated and edited a bit, of course both in Twinbrook and the other towns. So:

  • Ambitions introduces a new neighborhood, Twinbrook, inspired to the southern U.S.;
  • The new community lots (junkyard, laundry, etc..) can be placed in any other neighborhood;
  • The rabbit holes have been modified (but still remain inaccessible) and there's a new bistro.

icon_buybuildBuy and Build mode

There are tons of news in the Buy/Build modes! Let’s see..

icon_buildBuild mode
Roofs: when building a house you can decide the height of each portion of the roof, as a special tool for this purpose has been introduced.

Wallpapers: the wallpaper section has been improved and sees the introduction of a new category dedicated to sets (those groups of wall covering that have particular connotations such as decorations on the corner or drawings of various types).

Columns: There is also a new option for columns: with Ambitions you can decide their height (up to 3 floors high).

icon_buyBuy mode
Moreover, in the Buy mode has been added a Sculptures tab in the Decoration folder, and there are tons of new objects. We have seen some very nice sofas, as well as new coffee tables, lamps and windows; we have also seen a huge fountain that Grant’s architect purchased for a customer.

Many more objects, however, have been added in this expansion. Just to mention a few – we’ll surely forget some and certainly do not know them all - here is what we have seen:

caveman Gnomes: as for Travel Adventures, in Ambitions there are new naughty gnomes, which can be obtained in several ways: using the time machine to visit the past (caveman gnome), sculpting materials or using the inventor’s workbench to create one from scratch. Like the previous EP, they will make funny moves and behaviors, involving private eyes and firefighters.

bestiaThe motorcycle: two-wheel enthusiasts will appreciate the introduction of a Harley-Davidson-like motorcycle! Grant confirmed us that you cannot carry a passenger, "is dangerous!". As for the helmets, they do not appear automatically, but take a look at the CAS section for more information.

trampolino The trampoline:, a game that Sims will definitely enjoy. It can be placed in your garden. You can ask other Sims to join, but we don’t know how many can jump together. There is another game that can be used to socialize with others and is a very large wooden structure for the outside, which should be very popular in Scandinavian countries. Unfortunately, we do not know its name.

detonate Detonator: Sims will explode any objects by placing a detonator wherever they want (sometimes to spite someone!).

The baked goodies stand: kids will now be able to sell baked cakes on their new stand, which is made of a table and an anime-like umbrella. There is also a musicbox, but we don't know if it is for children.

Laundry: As mentioned above, there are different models of washing machines, a dryer and a drying rack.

Digital frame: in the game you can also find a digital frame for your pictures (that change every few minutes). There are several sizes available.

In the buydebug mode you can also find a fog emitter, that makes the city more mysterious, especially during investigations! [icon_humThanks to Molly @ Simatography]. If we don’t go wrong, Grant told us it can be used to decorate the neighborhoods but can be placed in normal lots too, for example in the graveyard. How creepy!

Besides these items, there are obviously those achievable through the various skills/careers.

icon_clownNews in the CAS

Even the Create a Sim screen offers several new options. In the version we have seen, there were different types of hairstyles for men and women, including two different helmets for the motorcycle, several medium-short hair and career-themed outfits (including many garments with aprons and gloves, a dress with shoulder bag, etc.) and, of course, the section dedicated to tattoos, that we mentioned a few paragraphs ago. So, Sims don’t have to wear the helmet while on the motorcycle, but if you want them to, you can always change their look before the go out.

Also, there are some hairdos and some clothes that cannot be used in CAS because they are exclusive for stylist or obtainable only by travelling in time (such as medieval clothing or caveman outfits).

About the hairstyles, we have a funny story to tell. Talking to Grant after the presentation, we told him that we really need curly hair for the game (which was a very disinterested question, since both Paperpin and I have curls…!) and he replied that they are hard to create but they have been introduced in this EP, so he went off to show them. Unfortunately, when he got in CAS, he realized that there are only slightly wavy hairdos! Players all over the world, we still have to wait for curls…

icon_humIt looks like that new kinds of music have been added (country and rock music) and that in the CAS you can create relationships like best friends or fiance.

icon_landEdit town

A major update (independent from Ambitions) regards the neighborhood: it will be possible to change the town layout without the Create a World tool, deleting, moving and changing lots, adding or removing plants, hills, etc.. directly from the Edit Town menu. The only thing you can’t do is changing the roads (but there’s the CAW for that!). Also, you can get this even if you don’t buy the game, as a major update is going to be released!

icon_boardUpdates to the user interface

The graphic interface of the game has been slightly modified to make it easier to use through a tabs division. What does it mean? 

First of all, the notification window that appears on the right of the screen every time a Sim earns a new skill point, gets a promotion, etc.. has been organized into tabs divided by topics, which collect all the messages you receive and you can browse them with a next/prev button. Also, you can minimize the window and reopen it whenever you want.
As for the opportunities, anytime you get one you’re also notified what you need to do in order to complete it, which things you’ll necessitate, the point you’ve reached and so on (a bit like the diary of World Adventures).
Even these updates will be available for everyone, as they will be included in the next game patch that also features tattoos and the new Edit Town options.


Conclusions..what can I say…first off, after spending more than two days working on this article, I can’t believe we’ve made it!

Anyhow, let’s try to be serious. The Sims 3 Ambitions seems to be really exciting and should satisfy any kind of player, as it offers a lot of contents. The introduction of tattoos and laundry show that the developers’ team really cares about players’ requests, and the updates for those who won’t buy the game are really useful. We hope our article will make things clearer for those who had trouble translating articles from other languages.

We’re sorry about the careers we haven’t seen, such as the doctor which hasn’t been covered at all. Grant has made himself available to answer all of our questions, even though the time we had was short, and he also stopped to chat with us after the presentation!

We’re honored for taking part in this event, either for the information we got and for the questions we were able to ask Grant and for the great day we spent together with the other community members. We have already published the pictures of the event, but we cannot release this article without one of them…


Ps. If not even my crutch, the bad weather, the volcanic eruption and the public transportation had stopped us, we’re really ready for everything!

icon_peopleFurther information

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