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New details about Ambitions from the Dutch previews PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Monday, 24 May 2010 17:26
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New details about Ambitions from the Dutch previews
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As we told you, a couple of days ago an Ambitions hands-on event took place in the Netherlands. We have read all the related articles and are now publishing a list of the most important features we have found out and that haven’t been included in our coverage.

All the news you can find here below are taken from Sims3Nieuws and SimsUniverse, and we thank them for giving us some many juicy details! Also, you can find two new videos (with English subtitles) here.

Ps. since many players have asked me the same question, I’d like to clarify one thing. The event we attended in Milan was NOT a hands-on, but a presentation of the game, where associate producer Grant Rodiek showed us a few details of the new expansion pack. There was a laptop indeed, and some of us could play the game for a few minutes while Grant was talking, but of course, it’s different from playing for four hours like they did in the Netherlands or UK. A hands-on event is an event where a number of selected players (about a dozen) are given computers with a non-finished build of the game, so that they can try it and put their..hands on it!


  • The neighborhood is really fascinating and mysterious. To add even more eeriness to this foggy place, there is also an old, rusty railway.
  • Among the new lots added, you can find a new restaurant called “Rendez-vous”.

Editing the town

  • You can place empty lots, remove the existing ones, rotate and move them as you like.
  • You cannot place lots if there are trees or neighborhood decorations (you’ll have to move them first).
  • By holding the ALT key, you can freely place your lot (without overstepping on the roads), even on the lake’s borders.
  • You cannot customize the neighborhood decorations with the Create a Style tool.

Updates to the user interface

  • In the map view there are new filters available: All, None, Homes of friends, Home and Work, Community lots, Jobs, Real estate.
  • You can now check your Sim’s needs even from the map.
  • When you start working in one of the new professions, all the Sims or places that can give you working opportunities will be highlighted by a star-shaped symbol. You can hide them with the Discotags on/off cheat.

New from the Buy/Build modes

  • You can recolor a tile’s side, which is useful for balconies, for example.
  • You can recolor the ceilings and there are also new patterns for this purpose.
  • The height option is not available for all the columns: those that cannot be edited are grayed out.
  • There is a new asphalt pattern.
  • New doors and windows fit really well with the existing ones.
  • The laundry option doesn’t provides you with a washing machine, the clothes line and the dryer only: there are also new clutter items, like the washing powder, a pile of freshly ironed clothes and the clothes hamper.
  • Sims with the eco-friendly trait have a new recycling bin.
  • There is only one kind of motorcycle that can be placed on the same spot of cars.

Sim Bots

  • Sim Bots cannot be recolored.
  • Unlike normal Sims, their needs have different names: Junk reserve (hunger), Production of waste (bladder), Recharge (energy), Human interaction (social), Trivial entertainment (fun).
  • It’s not clear how long a Sim Bot lives. When hovering your mouse on their life bar, it only says “They live longer”.


  • Fire’s animations are great and realistic. The new “Placefires” cheat allows you to enlarge/decrease a fire’s size, by adding or removing burning tiles.
  • In the buydebug mode, you can buy the fire truck and use it as a car. It’s not clear if you can receive it as a job reward.
  • When working as a firefighter, you have the following responsibilities: emergencies, skills and co-workers interactions.
  • When the emergency is over, you’ll get a window indicating the duration of the emergency and the quality of your performance, in a scale from 1 to 10.

Interior designer

  • When renovating a house, you cannot spend more than twice your budget.
  • Interior designer have a special table where they can draw drafts and projects of several kinds.


  • The UnlockOufits cheat allows you to get all the stylist's exclusive clothings.
  • To work as a stylist, you’ll need a special podium that you can find in the Study/Hobbies/Abilities tab.

Private eye

  • Private investigators have a new special door, with a milky glass top with a painted magnifying glass.
  • To start working as a private eye, you have to go to the police station. You’ll start as a Listener for 275§ a day. Private investigators have the following responsibilities: be on the lookout, cases and Logic skill.
  • There are new computer options for PIs, like hacking the information database.
  • If you want to collaborate with the police, you’ll work almost like any other policeman. You can also choose to hang around with your co-workers or work normally.

Ghost hunter

  • There is a new lifetime wish called “Paranormal proficere”, which can be fulfilled by reaching level 10 in this profession.
  • Among the others, there are new options for ghost hunters: hunt ghost and drive them away.
  • When you go to the graveyard, you can talk to the ghosts and avoid their coming out from the graves.

Ghost hunters, private eyes and interior designer have a new option in the Career tab, where all their works are shown (you cannot follow more than one per time, just like opportunities).

Inventing (ability)

  • You can create monsters and there’s a dedicated lifetime wish!
  • Inventors can use Sim Bots to smash their old furniture and get scraps to work with.
  • There is a invention log with a list of all the items you’ve created or the time travels you’ve made.
  • Inventing increases your Handiness skill.
  • The inventions you create are mostly decorative, except for the floor hygienator, the eye star (to harvest fruits from your plants), the driller and the time machine.
  • When a Sim enters the time machine, it starts moving and shaking. As soon as s/he reaches his/her destination, a window will inform you about the place s/he’s at and what’s going on there.

Tattoo making (ability)

  • You cannot tattoo your legs.
  • Tattoos cannot be removed.
  • There are two tattoo chairs: one with a Sim working on it and applying your design and an automatic one, that doesn’t need employees.

Sculpting (ability)

  • By earning skills you can unlock different materials to work with.
  • Each material can be used in one way only.
  • When sculptors and inventors create something, they can choose to Make one or Make many of them.
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