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Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 25 May 2010 15:13
Ambitions is coming out in about ten days (in Europe), then we'll be able to try ourselves the game. However, we know how curious you are, so here's an extract from SimUniverse's hands-on article about what you can do in the game.

If you want to find out what may happen to your Sims when they're working as private eyes, inventors, ghost hunters, stylists, interior designer, firefighters or are living with a Sim Bot, read the story of Noëlle Benson

We made a Sim: Noëlle Benson. She's a very ambitions girl and wants to help the humanity by solving their problems.

Private investigator

Noëlle’s first target is to become a private detective. She immediately gets her first task. She is asked by a woman, called Gala Ball, because she thinks she is bothered by a local recident when she is sleeping, who hit her toes. She accuses Julienne Knack of this undesired behaviour. Noëlle confronts the suspect immediately. Her roaring with laughing reminds Noëlle of a “hyena who has gotten too much laughing gas at the dentist”. Julienne claims that Gala is the offender herself. According to her, Gala suffers from sleepwalking and hits her foot against her garden gnome. Noëlle decides to do some research at the hospital to find out if this sleepwalking is possible. The hospital confirms that this sleepwalking is a very logical explanation. Noëlle explains the confused Gala the problem.

Her second task is a little more closer to the heart. Barg wants to ask his girlfriend to marry him, but he is not sure whether his girlfriend wants that too. Noëlle does some research. She questions the boy’s friends and they assert that they are not so sure about this relationship. Noëlle dives into the case a little deeper and hacks her computer. Noëlle has to tell the frighten Barg that there is nothing of his existence on her computer. No blog, no photos, no mentioning of him, nothing at all. The man is disappointed and hides behind a book about relationship problems. But the work isn’t always very serious and Noëlle accepts one hack task after the other. She decides to look for something else.


There is no better way of helping the human kind than saving them from the death. Noëlle starts with good courage at her new career as firefighter. But it takes a while before a resident needs her help. While Noëlle stares glassy to some dark red lamps that can start glowing every moment, her colleagues are enjoying themselves by jumping at a trampoline or playing a football game on a flatscreen. When the schrill alarming sounds in the station, the firefighters glide down and jump in their car. Noëlle gets the honour by putting out the first small fire. Noëlle handels it really well and even gets a 10 for her remarkable performance and a small amount of money. Extinguishing the next fire does not go very well. After the reporting of the fire she drives to the direction of the burning house, but is distracted by the beautiful gardens in Twinbrook and arrives too late at the house. Furniture even got burned and Noëlle gets a 6.

Interior designer

Noëlle isn’t happy with a 6 and thinks that being a firefighter may be a little too dangerous. She decides to change tack and to focus on decorating houses. Yes, she will become an interior designer. Noëlle already has some experience, because she likes making sketches of houses on her drawing table. After she accepts the job, the tasks are pouring in! Noëlle has to choose whether she wants to decorate a writing room, painting room, children room or a complete living room. The tasks are shown when you press on the briefcase in the working menu. Noëlle decides to meet the man who wants to have a writing room to tell him she accepts his task. Marshall, her client, gives her 4500 simoleons to complete the task; that must be possible! With good courage, Noëlle gets going. She doesn’t have to be afraid the resident walks in the way, because he leaves the house immediately. She gets a list of the stuff he wants in the new room: a computer, bureau, two tables and a chair. Noëlle builds a complete new room and because she has too much money left, she decides to buy some decoration and a bookcase as well. She goes to her client to tell him the renovation is finished. Marshall inspects the room profoundly; even the carpet is examined. Noëlle follows him nervously. Marshall looks at her seriously and tells her he hates the room. He gives her the money – the little 164 simoleons – but tells her that it’s not his taste. How could Noëlle know the client wants to say something about the furnishing! He tells her that she first has to talk with the client to find out more about him. Unfortunately she also fails with her next client; except that she knows his favourite colour is orange, she doesn’t find out more. She decides to quit, because she doesn’t like to continue doing something she’s not good in.


Noëlle already likes to pimp her houses, but giving a complete make-over to Sims she likes even better! In the beauty parlor, which looks very beautiful, she waits impatiently on her new costumers. And she isn’t disappointed! She didn’t know there were so many “special” Sims in Twinbrook and she’s in for a tough time when the so-called Juan steps on her plateau. He is dressed horrible: he is wearing green pyjama trousers and broken shoes. After a hairdye, new beard and a fancy suit he immediately looks better. She even gets the owner of a tatoo shop, Lucy, on her plateau (or, to be honest, Noëlle invites her to get a make-over). She gives her a shirt with long sleeves to hide her tattoos. Her dark make-up has been lighted up and her hair isn’t the same any more. She also takes a look in the tattoo shop which is carefully hidden under the ground. It’s a lot darker than the hairdresser’s. Although she is now surrounded by hotties in Twinbrook, she wants some more action.

Ghost hunter

When Noëlle sees an advert to become a ghost hunter on the Internet, she takes the job eagerly. In daytime she practices her logic skills and she drinks liters of coffee to get enough energy to work through the evening and night. She gets the task to get 5 ghosts out of the house. This is quite tricky, because the ghosts have their own free will. Noëlle uses her knowledge to describe the ghosts as ‘jealous’ or ‘angry’. She catches them in jars and keeps them safely in her inventory.


When Noëlle isn’t working, she likes to spend time with a hammer in her hand. On the workbench she changes pieces of scrap into inventions. At the beginning it’s not going very well; she always puts herself on fire. She runs quickly to the public pool to extinguish herself. Though Noëlle doesn’t surrender. Practice makes perfect and after a while she’s proud of her first invention: the drinking lama. After spending days and nights in her little barn, Noëlle succeeds to make something really working. The floorhygiene is perfect to avoid dirty smells in the bathroom. Her next succesfull invention is the ‘eyestar’, with which she can suck all the harvest out of plants. Noëlle’s last project is the time machine. In her journey to the future, she sees the eathpolice on Mars and she listens to neopoetry in a cyberbar in new San Francisco. She’s very impressed and she will never forget this experience.

Several weeks have passed now and it’s not going very well with Noëlle’s great ambition to help her fellow Sims. Noëlle decides to change tack. She goes to several public places and throws bombs on stuff. Then she runs away and looks amused how the stuff explodes. The municipality is unfortunately not as happy as Noëlle and sends her an official warning for ‘destroying of another’s property’. Still Noëlle continues her new passion and has to pay a fee of 405 simoleons and has to be decent for at least 7 days…

Sim Bot

Noëlle is a bit lonely on her own and gets company of a special roommate. Arjen is a Sim Bot. He and Noëlle get along very well, but Noëlle gets annoyed sometimes with Arjen when he has a great speech about oil brand, gets excited about tasteful scrap, complains about his joins, brags about his counting power and insults the ‘pathetic’ human brain. Before he gets the chance to prove himself in society, we let him - completely accidentally of course – swimming in the swimming pool ...
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