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Italian preview of The Sims 3 Late Night (complete) PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 12 September 2010 19:16
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Italian preview of The Sims 3 Late Night (complete)
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Right after lunch, we've been introduced to the long nights of The Sims 3 Late Night by producer Melanie Lam. Here below you can find  the coverage of what we learned, with a few information added from our previous articles and details taken from previews of other countries (highlighted by this symbol humiliated as we cannot grant for them).

Even though we already said that, we repeat that our pictures are very poor quality as we didn't think we could publish them. We took them for "personal use" and we didn't want to bother the producers with flashes and lights. Anyway, since others have published them, we do too, but will remove them if EA requires so. What you are going to see is not the final version of the game and is not the real graphics quality.melanielam_sm

We also want to say again that there were other Italian sites attending the event: Barbara from SimsMaker, Daniela from DanielaSims, Simone from Mondosims, Luck and Kat for Edenstyle, as Eden and Mary did not attend. We did miss a few pictures actually, as we were trying to help translating some answers of the producers and some questions of the players. We hope you'll enjoy our coverage as you did for our Ambitions' huge article.

Note: we had the chance to see the game in Italian in the tv screen (trying to help Melanie to figure out the right menu options, as it obviously wasn't easy for her) and in English on her Mac, when she allowed us to use it. So, you will find some pictures in Italian and some others in English.

Icon and loading screen

As for Ambitions, we did pay attention to details. Unfortunately, the game was already running on both machines, so we couldn't see the loading screen. We saw the icon, indeed, and we really like it as it is a bit like our site: purple!

Here it is:


sorry for the awful quality, but it's taken from one of our pics.

icon_buybuildBuy/Build Mode

There's a lot of new items in the Buy/Build Mode. Let's see them.

icon_buildBuild Mode

Halfwalls: thank God, they're back. Finally we'll be able to use them again without custom content!

Internal stage: another glad return! You can now create stages and small platforms without going crazy with cheats. They are shorter than The Sims 2's and cannot be overlaid nor you can place stairs on them.

Elevators: skyscrapers and apartments have elevators, of course! Here they are and yes, you can woohoo inside them.


Fountains: a new tools allows you to create fountains. How can a VIP club be an exclusive club without a fountain? (picture taken from Laremandgo


Subway: you can also place the subway, that will take Sims in every corner of the town even quicker than a taxi. You can choose at which stop you want to go but you cannot follow your Sim, that will disappear and appear in the destination spot. You can even play an instrument for tips.


Rounded pools: we didn't see them, so we can't say if they only have rounded sides or what.

You can move paintings up and down the wall.

Other items: we didn't see the Build Mode completely, but we know there are new windows, doors, plants, etc., things we saw around Bridgeport. Also, the skyscrapers are actually lots you can place around the town, just like any other rabbithole (stadium, city hall, etc), but you can live inside them and are somewhat accessible. You can find more details about them in the Apartments section.

icon_buyBuy Mode

We were looking at the Buy mode when Melanie needed her laptop back as she had to leave, so we couldn't see all the new objects. For example, we didn't see if there is a new tab for the Club items, even if we suppose they were placed in the existing categories.

There's a phletora of new objects, we wrote about some of them in the past and are surely going to miss something…The Sims 3 Late Night is very modern, and there's a lot of new things we like.

  • Bathroom: in the new items for the bathroom there are three new sinks, two new toilets (an ordinary one and a urinal) and three hot tubs. You can see them below:


  • Counters: if you have a thing for modern kitchens, you'll love the new counters with shelves, coffee machine and fridge.


  • Seats and beds: modular sofas are back (the ones that "create an angle" when connected)! There are also new beds, among which there is the vampire's one with candles (similar to an altar. We didn't see it but we thank L'UniverSims for the picture). There are surely new chairs and stool but we didn't see them!


  • Fish tank: as we already said, there is a new aquarium that can be placed through the wall creating a "window effect". The thing is, you won't have to feed your fishes because they're virtual! They were made for celebrities who do not have enough time to feed their little creatures, so you cannot put inside it real fishes. Anyhow, we saw the option "Feed with virtual food", or something like that.


  • Musical instruments: we talked about them in the past, but let's repeat. You will find a keyboard, drums and the bass. They are already inside the clubs you can play at.


  • Lights: beyond strobos and FX machine (which is not the Fog Emitter of Ambitions), you will find new lamps and lights.


  • Entertainment: there's a lot of things here!
  • Blubblebar: it looks like an oxygen bar, is colored and your Sims can choose among several flavors: chocolate, mint, strawberry, banana, pineapple and cotton candy. Each flavor can affect the mood of your Sim.


  • Dance Floor: is a squared platform your Sims can dance on.
  • Shuffle board,darts, arcade games.
  • Other items: there are also tables, chairs, etc. French sites mentioned also the air ducting, but we didn't see it. For example, behind the counters in a club there was some kind of a shelves unit, you can see it in the picture below.


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