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Italian preview of The Sims 3 Late Night (complete) - New things in the CAS PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 12 September 2010 19:16
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Italian preview of The Sims 3 Late Night (complete)
New things in the CAS
Bridgeport, apartments and clubs
Careers, abilities, bands and groups
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New things in the CAS

In the Create a Sim mode there are many new things! Are you ready to see them? Let's go.


ep3_cas_slider First of all we should mention the new sliders, that allow a powerful customization of your Sims and improve their appeal.
  • Muscles: both for males and females. This slider allows to define all body muscles, as chest, abs, biceps, .... There is only a slider so the size and definition of each muscle is the same. In the picture below you can see a medium value of this slider.


  • Breast: of course, this is a slider for females only. You can finally define the size of boobs, it's a single parameter and you cannot choose different width, height and so. The image below is by Viviana from EA and shows this slider in action.



There are some nice hairstyles both for females and males (as usually, female hairstyles look better than male's). These are available for teen, young adult, adult and elder.

5 female hairstyles:


3 female hairstyles with accessories:


6 male hair


1 male hairstyle with accessories


Clothes, accessories and shoes

Finally in this EP we can find some modern clothes, and we can say that they are pretty and closer the European fashion style. We tried to take pictures of them all, but we are sure that we missed out some items. By the way, here you can find a preview of some contents of this EP, like clothes, accessories and shoes.
Just a note... they are only for young adult and adult. . We haven't seen clothes for teen, children or elder, but we hope they will be included in the final version of this EP (remember that this is only a beta build, not the final version of game)

ep3_clothes_male ep3_shoes_female

ep3_accessories ep3_shoes_male

Tattoos and beards

Too many things to check and really not enough time, so we haven't seen all CAS tabs. We have seen 2 new beards (one very long and another one quite short) and 4 new tattoos (showed here below).

ep3_cas_beard ep3_tattoo

Traits and aspirations

There are 2 new traits, as already said: shy and star quality. Star quality helps you to become a celebrity faster, as Ambitions traits help you to learn skills faster. We looked at traits only from CAS so we can't give you further details.
Even if we cannot tell you the new aspirations, we can say that finally you will be able to choose the aspiration from a drop down list, not only from the suggested ones.

Other CAS news

The producers heard our requests! The astrological signs are back! Now from the CAS (random for existing sims) you can choose a zodical sign. They are the same of real life, but they are just for fun. They don't change a Sim's behavior, even if Melanie told us that the first idea regarding zodical signs was to study from web the interactions between signs and reproduce them in the game.


About favourite music, there is a new kind of music: Hip Hop.

CAS and Vampires

We should underline that you cannot create vampires from CAS. You can turn Sims into vampires only by playing.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 17:45