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Italian preview of The Sims 3 Late Night (complete) - Bridgeport, apartments and clubs PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 12 September 2010 19:16
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Italian preview of The Sims 3 Late Night (complete)
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Bridgeport, apartments and clubs
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Bridgeport was the first feature of the game that we saw when we entered the room where the presentation was taking place. The game was already running and was showing the map of the city, at night. As we said previously, Bridgeport is a modern town, full of skyscrapers and tall buildings, a long bridge that connects the two parts of the neighborhood and many clubs to visit. Being crowded with VIPs, the city has an exclusive residential area and places for celebrities only, as well as lots for “ordinary people”. Almost every house, however, has a swimming pool or a hot tub (and when they're placed on the roof, they look fantastic!).

ep3_bridgeport_01 ep3_bridgeport_02

Community lots are the same we have in the other towns, a little revised maybe, but there are also new clubs and the apartments/skyscrapers. Around in the town you can also find the hot-dog cart, where you can go to eat something.


Obviously, the neighborhood has also new residential lots, new families and NPCs, that somehow make the town unique: although you can place the new lots in any neighborhood, you'll have to wait a little for the celebrities to ...move somewhere!

You can also move around the town quickly thanks to the new subway system (with about 10 stations), that allows Sims to travel to one side of Bridgeport to the other in a few minutes: just click on one of the stations and choose a destination with the Travel to.. option. The service is free, but be careful as you can get mugged! Moreover, if you feel inspired and can play the guitar, you can play for tips in the subway station (in this case, you'll have to choose the Play for tips option). The subway is a rabbithole, so you cannot follow your Sims there. Of course, however, you can place it in every neighborhood and, when in debug mode, you can also place stations in your residential lot.


Among the new features of Late Night, you can find apartments: as we said in previous articles, they are placed in tall buildings and skyscrapers, have an elevator and...only your Sims can live there.

ep3_build_lift ep3_citofono

Following the system of World Adventures' tombs, each building is a “shell” whose internal part is almost totally grayed out, except for the hall (where you can find a big entry phone with the name of the neighbors) and your apartment. Everything else cannot be seen and used, and basically your Sims are the only ones who live in that building. You may meet people entering or exiting the other doors, but there is no one living there beyond you, so you cannot go and visit the neighbors.

Each building has only one apartment you can choose, that cannot be modified (unless you use cheats) and that can be placed on the lower, medium or highest floor. In short, each building has only one apartment placed on one specific floor. It is also important to underline that apartments can only be bough and not rented, and buying an apartment is one of the new wishes.


The second new feature of Late Night are clubs, placed everywhere in the town. There are VIP clubs, where only celebrities can get in, other places for everyone and places for vampires.

Each club has an opening time (usually from 4.00pm to 4.00am, but you can edit the opening time with a controller similar to World Adventure's for traps). Note: teenagers can go to the clubs but still have the curfew. Clubs are rich in entertainment: there's a dance floor (with the FX machine that can spit fire, snow, confetti and fog, strobos and other colored lights), bar counters and modular sofas where you can relax. Of course, inside each club you can enjoy a huge range of drinks, each of which has a different name and effect (they're not alcoholic, however) and that you can create on your own if are good at Mixology (the new ability we'll see in a few paragraphs, although it wasn't covered during the event) or also, you can offer a drink to your friends or members of your group. Producer Melanie Lam has also told us a couple of facts: bartenders can name a drink after someone and, if they are Insane they can mix drinks with a sort of flame thrower!

ep3_club_01 ep3_club_02

The drinks system reminds of the nectar making of World Adventures: you can use several ingredients from your Inventory and place them in the cocktail shaker, so you'll have a lot of possibilities. Prices may vary too from cocktail to cocktail and from club to club, especially for drinks loved by celebrities, that are very expensive. We suggest you to pay a visit during the happy hour, as prices are lower (you will get a message notifying the happy hour arriving)!
In the club you can also eat a few new meals that you cannot prepare at home: onion rings, nachos, chicken wings and grilled cheese are for bars only, and you cannot buy the recipe.

ep3_club_03In each club you can enjoy your time thanks to:
  • a new musical genre (Hip hop)
  • the new bubblebar (some kind of oxygen bar mixed with The Sims 2's bubble emitter, where Sims can taste a few flavors: pineapple, mint, chocolate, cotton candy, strawberry and banana. Each flavor affects the mood of your Sim)
  • you can dance on tables and counters
  • bands can play live
  • arcade games, darts and shuffleboard

Exclusive clubs and VIP areas around the town have bouncers, who won't hesitate to kick out someone: however, if you are striving to enter a VIP area and are far from being inserted in the list, you can try to sneak in, bribe the bouncer or make friends with him and get access.


There are also moments when exaltation and adrenaline freak you out, and someone starts to go mad...well, bar fights are in Late Night too, and they are kinda amusing, as anyone can join! Also, if a celebrity takes part in a fight, it will take very little for the paparazzi to come and take pictures. In this case, the selected celebrity can try to pay them or go to the City Hall to sue them.

ep3_club_04 ep3_club_05

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