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Italian preview of The Sims 3 Late Night (complete) - Celebrities PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 12 September 2010 19:16
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Italian preview of The Sims 3 Late Night (complete)
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The possibility of making celebrities was available only in the first chapter of the game, with the EP "Superstar". This feature was not introduced in The Sims 2, and many players asked for it: their requests have been fulfilled and finally with Late Night you can have neighborhoods full of VIPs.

It is not a new career, but a status you can acquire. If you reach the top of your career, you have more chances of becoming a celebrity, especially if you choose the Cinema job. Anyhow, being famous depends on how you can impress a celebrity. It is not automatically …you'll have to work for it!

In your help there is a new trait, Star Quality, that gives your Sim higher chances of becoming famous, like the Eccentric trait for the Inventing ability in Ambitions or Artistic for the painting skill. Popularity is indicated with a star meter (1 to 5), that appears near a Sim's avatar.


Celebrities have many pros and cons: although they have free access everywhere, exclusive clubs with exclusive items, discounts and gifts, they are also victims of paparazzi. If a celebrity makes something wrong or is caught in a fight, paparazzi can take pictures, so your VIP will have to do something for that, like trying to bribe the photographer or going to the City Hall and sue him. However, celebrities need paparazzi as much as paparazzi need celebrities: it is thanks to them that VIPs are so popular (gossips, newspapers..). So, celebrities can be paid to talk about someone or something, be in a particular place and be the talk of the town. Paparazzi's scoops can be of any kind.

We haven't seen it in detail, but we know that there is a “Celebrity Journal”. We took the picture from the site Electric Ping


As you can see, there are some statics, such as: the number of celebrities known, the number of discounts and freebies obtained as a celebrity, the amount of money saved as a celebrity, the number of clubs visited, the number of times photographed and the number of autographs signed. But you can also see the number of times publicy disgraced (paparazzi are everywhere, remember this!) and falsely accused. On the top of this journal you can monitor your celebrity level and your progress to get the next star.

VIPs can audition other Sims and it's from that that your destiny of "mr. nobody" can change. Also, even if we don't know if this option is available for everyone, celebrities can hire a butler for 1200§ a week.

The "celebrity status" is passed down genetically, and in fact the children of a VIP have part of his/her fame. This feature, that appears from the teenage (for example when a teen wants to go in an exclusive club), allows the child to have one or two fame stars from the birth.

Then, as we have already said, around the town there are many VIP areas with bouncers, that normal Sims cannot visit. These lots can be placed in any neighborhood, but you'll have to wait for a while for the celebrities to move.


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