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Italian preview of The Sims 3 Late Night (complete) - Vampires PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 12 September 2010 19:16
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Italian preview of The Sims 3 Late Night (complete)
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Vampires, as we all know, are the new creatures of Late Night. Recognizing a vampire may not be easy, actually: these creatures, in fact, can camouflage themselves very well with other Sims, and can be identified from two physical features: their skin is covered with a glowing layer that makes them paler than normal Sims, and their eyes are glowing a bit too. Despite the vampires from The Sims 2, there are no new skintones or eye colors for vampires, so their look doesn't change too much.

ep3_vampire_moodlet_vigorePersonally, during the event, we realized one of the Sims shown was a vampire because he was in a club at night and was learning to play the keyboard. Since they are night creatures, after the sunset they get a moodlet that allows them to learn skills faster, and when this happens, they have a rotating bat floating on their heads (that's why we got that the Sim was a vampire). This moodlet is called "Vigore vampiresco" in the italian version, perhaps in english is something similar to "Vampire's strength

As for motives, the only difference with normal Sims (in add to the bars color that is dark and not green as usually) is the Hunger bar, that has been replaced with Thirst. Vampires can eat normal food, but that won't affect them, since their only meal is blood (so they cannot die of Hunger but of Thirst, creating a new kind of ghost. Actually, they can die for everything except Hunger). And who knows what happens if they eat garlic...
Vampires have many ways to find nourishment: they can go hunting, eat plasma snacks, grow bloodfruits or go to the hospital to get a few plasma bags. During the event we saw a vampire hunting for victims: by clicking on the vampire and choosing the Hunt option, he started to look around and find possible victims. The way a vampire goes hunting is quite new, as he uses a thermal vision in order to see how much blood a Sim has. The victim is shown in this "thermal version" (that is, in red, yellow, green, blue).

ep3_vampire_moodlet_spuntinoEven when a vampire has found his victim, he won't attack him/her by surprise, but will ask first. If the relationship between them isn't good, the victim will deny the permission. On the other hand, depending on how good is the relation, there will be different kinds of bites (or so they say, since we saw only one, on the arm). When the vampire drinks blood by hunting, is so satisfied that gets a positive moodlet for the Extragood Taste.


A normal bite will not turn victims into vampires: if you wish to become one of them, you'll have to build a good relationship with a vampire and ask to transform you. When this happens, both Sims are surrounded by a red aura with bats. If you don't want to be a vampire anymore, you can go to the Science Lab and buy a potion.


Also, vampires can have children too. If a vampire and a normal Sims have babies, there will be a 50% of having a normal child and 50% of having a vampire. There are no half-bloods! However, since we didn't see any, we don't know if vampire child have all the features of a vampire or not. It looks like that the features appear during the teenage/young adult stage, but we don't know more. We know only that children vampire should go to school during the day.

Despite normal Sims, then, vampires can move quickly from one place to another and can read and manipulate other Sims' minds (they can read the other sim traits). Also, they sleep on some kind of altar, where they float above with crossed arms, as you can see from this picture taken from Electric Ping (they don't sleep in a coffin):


ep3_vampire_moodlet_soleEven though they are night crawlers, vampires can go outside during the day, but will get seriously injured and have a negative moodlet (something like "Too much sun") that won't let them use their powers for a while. Vampires cannot die for the sunlight and age much slower than normal Sims.

Then, if you're wandering around at night and want to meet a vampire, the club Plasma 501 is what you're looking for, as it is an exclusive vampire place (so exclusive that there is a bouncer and you can get in only if you know at least a vampire).

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