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Gamesradar preview about celebrities in Late Night PDF Print
Written by CriCri Wednesday, 15 September 2010 21:08
Thank to Simsdomination for the find of this new preview about Late Night written by Gamesradar! In add we can find 2 new pictures about this expansion!
The Gamesradar preview talks about celebrities by asking to Grant Rodiek something about this status...

GR: Why did The Sims team decide to introduce celebrities in Late Night?
Rodiek: Several reasons. Celebrities make for fantastic storytelling – they are hilarious, bizarre, charming, sexy – who doesn’t want to be all of those things. Openness and humor are our trademarks so it’d be a mistake to pass up celebrities. They also fit perfectly with our other features, like high-rise penthouse suites, high end clubs with VIP lounges, and bands! Finally, we haven’t done anything celebrity related since The Sims Superstar and a lot has changed in Hollywood since then! Our community has been asking us to bring it back and we always strive to listen to our community. 

GR: How do you become a celebrity? Is it a career you can select when you create a new character? Or is it something you have to become, like with vampires?
Rodiek: You can become a celebrity by befriending celebrities or impressing them by talking about your job, wealth, name dropping, or just making things up (“Uh, sure, I’m totally in a band…”). Or, you can buy a round of drinks for folks at the bar to prove you’re a big spender.  Really, it’s all about experimenting out on the scene. Celebrity is something you have to become, although the offspring of celebrities do get a boost.

Read more on Gamesradar, but nothing new to add to our previous articles. But the 2 pictures below are really a news!

ts3_ep3_11_autograph ts3_ep3_12_movieset