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New Late Night screens by Centrum Simow PDF Print
Written by CriCri Friday, 17 September 2010 18:32
We have already presented you our italian preview of Late Night, and we told that we miss some screens... now, we are able to integrate our article thanks to Centrum Simow and their preview in Poland. Don't forget to visit their page for the full report!
Thanks to Sims3Nieuws for this link!

We told you that vampires haven't green bars, here there are, the dark vampire bars of need.


Are you curious to know how many kink of halfwalls there are in Late Night? Or to see fontain tool and circular swimpool? Centrum Simow took some pictures of these details... 

ep3_centrumsimow_02a ep3_centrumsimow_09 ep3_centrumsimow_02

And at the end some pictures of the urban side of Bridgeport

ep3_centrumsimow_03 ep3_centrumsimow_04 ep3_centrumsimow_05 ep3_centrumsimow_06 ep3_centrumsimow_07 ep3_centrumsimow_08

All this images are of Centrum Simow, you can see full report and more images here!