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The Sims 3 Late Night: music band and vampires PDF Print
Written by CriCri Saturday, 16 October 2010 13:37
phoca_thumb_l_ts3_ep3_14In latest weeks we missed some news because sometimes real life call us... but now we are ready to report you all we have missed about The Sims 3 Late Night.

In add to the official images published some days ago, we have just added to our gallery some pictures from the Gamespot preview and other from My Sims World (thanks to Simprograms for this find).

And now, an eye on news. We have careful read the Gamespot preview, and the 2 post on producer's blog on the official site, and here we report you some facts about music band and vampires.

MUSIC BANDphoca_thumb_l_ts3_ep3_18

  • Become a rockstar require some time: make it easier by choosing virtuoso, lucky and artistic traits for your sim.
  • Reach level 1 of at least a music skill before start a band.
  • Finding members for your band it's easy: ask to join a band is a social interaction available since lower relationshiop level.
  • You can rename your band as your wish or use suggested names
  • As a leader you can kick out members anytime you wish
  • Your Sim’s band must have at least four Sims if you want anyone to hire them to play gigs. Otherwise, if they’re strictly a jam-for-fun band, they can have anywhere from two to four Sims in their band.
  • celebrity performers often put on shows in the park and play for tips. While you can choose to join in on a jam session with celebrity musicians, you won't really break the ice until you formally introduce yourself, either by taking the commoner's route of asking for an autograph and just being an adoring fan, or by boldly attempting to impress them with a whole new series of dialogue options, such as name-dropping any celebrities you may have met previously. Once you get over that initial threshold, you can interact with the celebrity as you would a normal friend, and with enough brownnosing and maybe a lucky shoot with one of those pesky photographers, your sims can increase their own star levels until they, too, become headliners and can ignore bouncers at the trendiest nightclubs and go right on in.
  • If you do get a gig, you must make sure you arrive within the appointed time window at the appointed club, call in your bandmates, and get cracking.
  • If your band consists of talented musicians with high musical skills, you'll put on dynamite performances that wow the crowds and lead to higher payoffs. If your band isn't that great, you'll get uninterested sims that might bother to briefly express their disgust as they pass by the bandstand.
  • Your Sim can practice with their band mates anytime, anywhere. Just call the band members and they’ll drop what they’re doing to come practice.
  • There are some jam session styles (Jam, Jazz, Blues, Rock)


  • if you're in the same room with an unfriendly vampire, you get a negative "moodlet" because of how terrified you are
  • Before "ask to turn" to a vampire you need to be their friend: this mean dance, watch tv, call to phone and chat... Once your a friend of a vampire you ask to turn into.
  • Being a vampire has its perks, since you can travel quickly and are far, far less beholden to your personal needs (such as the need to rest). But it does mean that you have to feed regularly, and to do so, you need to acquire the consent of friendly sims who know you well enough, and like you well enough, to allow you to sink your teeth into them. In other words, leading a prosperous unlife in Late Night will definitely require your sims to be extremely popular--or to at least have a few very close friends. If they don’t have anyone with whom they are close, they can grow Plasma Fruit, which vegetarian vampires prefer, or raid the hospital for plasma packs.
  • They are stronger, smarter, and more creative—and it shows. Vampires also run incredibly quickly, so fast that it creates a blur effect
  • They can also read minds and force Sims to think of them which, when meeting new Sims,  helps them quickly build relationship levels.
  • As your vampire begins the hunt, every Sim at the scene begins to glow, as if covered with a heat scanner. One by one your vampire narrows down the selection, choosing their victim. Once one is found, they are added to your vampire’s relationship panel and a Map Tag is added to them. This way, no matter where they go in town, your vampire can find them.

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