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Waiting for Late Night, here's some information... - Town & objects PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Sunday, 24 October 2010 21:34
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Waiting for Late Night, here's some information...
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The town and the venues

In Bridgeport there are 30/40 Sims: 19 families, 2 vampire families, 14 singles, 16 vampires, 7 single vampires and 15 celebrities. Among the families, you can find the Caliente household. There are 50 community lots and 23 residentials.
As for apartments, there are 7 different premade apartment properties, and they range in price from 4,400- 51,000§. Regarding clubs, there are three different kinds: dive bars, dance clubs and lounges. They work as follows:

Dive Bar

Hours: 11 am to 3 am 
Prices: Low 
Happy Hour: 5 pm to 6 pm 
Peak Time: 2 pm lunch crowd 
Peak Days: Wednesday, Thursday 
Max # Guests: 8 
Clientele: Average Sims 
Number Celebs Typically Onsite: none 
Bounces: Only the Bridgeport Sports Zone 
Unappreciated Traits: Snob, Coward, Neat, Family Oriented 

Dance Club

Hours: 5 pm to 4 am 
Prices: Medium 
Happy Hour: none 
Peak Day: Saturday 
Peak Time: Midnight 
Max # Guests: 14 
Clientele: Mixed 
Number Celebs Typically Onsite: 3-5 
Bouncer: Yes 
Unappreciated Traits: Frugal, Loner, Loser 


Hours: 2 pm to 2 am 
Prices: High 
Happy Hour: none 
Peak Time: 11 pm 
Peak Days: Friday, Saturday 
Max # Guests: 10 
Clientele: Celebrity, Rich 
Number Celebs Typically Onsite: 1-3 
Bouncer: Yes 
Unappreciated Traits: Frugal, Loner, Loser

The bars listed are:
  • Aquarius - A Dance Club with a rooftop pool
  • Banzai Lounge Club - A glitzy, Asian-themed Lounge with a small stage
  • Bridgeport Sport Zone - A Sports Bar with darts, foosball, shuffleboard and a stage
  • The Brightmore - A Dance Club in the basement of a high rise
  • Eugi's - A basement Dive Bar with shuffleboard, darts and a small stage and dance floor
  • Plasma 501 - A Vampire Lounge with a stage and a dance floor
  • The Grind - A Dance Club in an old waterfront warehouse 
  • The Prosper Room - An Exclusive Lounge
  • Waylon's Haunt - A waterfront Dive Bar

New objects

The Bubbluscious Bubble Bar can be used at home on a community lot. Blowing bubbles fills the fun need, and since up to 4 can use it at one, it can also fulfill social. You must place stools around it so Sims can play, and the bubbles must be periodically refilled. Each bubble flavor gives a specific moodlet:

  • Mint: Minty breath
  • Strawberry: Strawberry social (increases the chance that a target Sim will respond favorably to all non-romantic socials)
  • Cotton Candy: Sugar rush
  • Banana: Banan-ahhhhh
  • Chocolate: Chocolate Chuckles (increases the likelihood that a humor-based social will amuse the target Sim)
  • Pineapple: On the Beach

The bubble bar also has a hidden skill which can be developed by playing at the bar. The bubble shapes change based on the current skill level:

  • Round: Levels 1-2
  • Heart: Levels 3-4
  • Star: Levels 5-6
  • Plumb Bob: Levels 7-8


There are two models, a regular board and an electronic one. Spectators may cheer or boo a game (evil Sims love to boo). Dartboards have a hidden skill. The more you practice, the better you become. Athletic, Lucky, Party Animal, and Disciplined Sims have a greater chance of winning. Unlucky, Loser and Couch Potato Sims have a greater chance of losing.

Handy Sims (at level 7) can upgrade the electronic dartboard so it never forgets them and makes sure they never lose. There is a chance that other Sims will discover this and give them a negative Cheated moodlet while decreasing your relationship score with them. Sims with the Martial Arts skill have a fun Kung Fu throw.

Hot tubs 

Every hot tub has a slot for a stereo, which boosts mood while soaking.Sims can skinny dip in hot tubs (but not if there are teens or younger on the lot).If you Try For Baby and get pregnant in the hot tub, there is a chance the baby will receive either the Party Animal or Hydrophobic trait, or both.Keep an eye on your clothes when you're in a jacuzzi, they might be stolen.If this happen your sim must go home only dressed up in a towel.


Sims in your group will automatically socialize with each other (and will pay for their own food, drinks and entertainment). You can invite the group to your home, to venues, and to parties being thrown by other Sims. Sims may leave your group if:

  • They have a negative interaction with another Sim (argument, fight)
  • If you get too flirty/romantic with another Sim in the group (except for Inappropriate Sims, who don't generally mind)
  • They are very tired
  • They have to go to work soon (unless they are Party Animals)
Computer-controlled Loner Sims don't want groups larger than two Sims, and will leave if you add a third Sim.

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