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Written by Paperpin Sunday, 24 October 2010 21:34
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Waiting for Late Night, here's some information...
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Film Career

This careers, that allows you to become an Actor or a Director, works as follows:
  • Level 1: Background extra
  • Level 2: Best Bay
  • Level 3: Key Grip
  • Level 4: Personal Assistant
  • Level 5: Production Manager


  • Level 6: Tv Actor
  • Level 7: Featured Actor
  • Level 8: Supportion Actor
  • Level 9: Lead Actor
  • Level 10: Super star Actor (2310§ a day)


  • Level 6: Storyboardist
  • Level 7: 2nd unit director
  • Level 8: Script writer
  • Level 9: Assistant director
  • Level 10: Distinguished director (1803§ a day)

Lifetime rewards

  • The Hustler (5,000): hustler almost always wins in bar games.
  • Watering Hole Regular (7,500): watering hole regular gets a discount on all drinks & food at bar. 
  • Next Big Thing (10,000): next big thing means earning big bucks for gigs played with any band. 
  • Excellent Groupie (10,000): excellent groupie makes any group outing a success. 
  • Better Mixologist (15,000): make higher quality drinks. 
  • Master of Seduction (15,000): with this reward, never feel being rejection again. 
  • Always on the list (17,500): get into any bars, Clubs & Lounges. 
  • Map of the stars (20,000): your sim can stalk celebrities.

Celebrity rewards & discounts

Not only your celebrity can get into exclusive clubs but there are other benefits also for those who willing put there sim necks out for fame. Celebrities don't often pay full price on goods & services. Build & buy modes are never affected by celebrity level but shops 
inventories or classes can be discounted. The discount does goes up with your Sims' fame. They have discounts for:
  • skill development classes 
  • sporting events 
  • movie tickets 
  • meals at eateries 
  • drinks at bars and clubs 
  • groceries 
  • books 
  • makeovers/tattos 

Food trucks

  • You will find them pulled into special parking spots outside busy venues and community lots.
  • Food choices vary based on the type of truck, and include hamburgers, hot dogs, chowder and burritos
  • There is a chance that Sims will get a Greasy moodlet, which is a positive boost (Slobs are more likely to get it)
  • There is also a chance that Sims will get the negative Food Poisoning moodlet (Snobs are more likely to get it)

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