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A couple of cheats for Late Night (and a lot of new pictures!) PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 26 October 2010 11:27
More than this there is actually only the game! SimPrograms has published an article with links to more than 400 pictures of Late Night, that you can find here. Also, today the game is released in the US, so a lot of picture and information will be released. We'll try to keep you as updated as possible!
As for the cheats, SimPrograms also published a short piece about a couple of them and a few tips.
  1. RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings true/false: allows you to edit existing apartments
  2. RBBB on/off: just like above
  3. unlockOutfits on/off: allows you to unlock the vampire fangs in CAS (as well as hidden clothing/accessories of the previous EPs)
  4. With the Hand tool, drag and move a painting up/down the wall holding the left mouse button
  5. By clicking the "L" button on your keyboard, you'll open the Star Journal (just like the Adventures Journal of World Adventures)
As you can see, there aren't many new codes so far (but probably there are more in the game) and it isn't clear if they must be entered after the testingcheatsenabled true/false. Of course, we'll find out more once the game is in our hands. 
Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 October 2010 12:07