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Written by Paperpin Monday, 18 April 2011 15:26
A few days ago, SimPrograms published a list of features of The Sims 3 Generations taken from, which attended the German event on April 12th.

Here's what they wrote!
  • There’s no new town in Sims 3 Generations, everything happens In Sunset Valley. There are no new rabbit holes, but EA added 10 new lots to place in your town, for example Playground (and where are we suppose to do that?)
  • New spiral staircase added, also new type of windows
  • Cant translate it but think that the memories system will work without Generations (I think)
  • Customizing body hair in CAS
  • Careers from Ambitions are extended
  • New profession added – Baby sitter (running a day care). Any sims can leave a child with you in specific hours. Babysitters also need to babysit bad children which brawl, and for that there’s a new trait – protective (or it will be called different)
  • Can’t translate the next one but I think it says that thanks to the science lab in your home you can make potions that help you with fast learning
  • If teens have played a trick on neighbors, they can escape the punishment by drinking Ninja Vanish-Potion which they produced in the chemistry kit. (They teleport home)
  • The video camera. When using it, you see everything like you’re sim does in the game. Anything that you have recorded will be stored in your inventory and you can watch it later on the tv.
  • The imaginary friend is a new creature in Generations. This creature with fancy pants, different shoes and a glowing light bulb above his head is very interesting. Kids can have them as a friend in their contacts (relationships), but they need to spend a lot of time with their doll. With you’re imaginary friend you can tell jokes or have a pillow fight (!). Thanks to the chemistry kit your friend can stop being unreal.
  • Our sim dream changes. Different types of stories can affect the way that you’re sim sleeps at night. For example he/she/it heard spooky stories he/she/it will have nightmares. (Story told of course with a flashlight)
  • One of the new objects is bunk beds. Kids and adults can use it. (If you haven’t read the last info there are 2 types of bunk beds – 1st that you can have a bed under a bed and the 2nd that you can have a sofa or a desk under the bed)
  • Strollers of course are usable, don’t worry it’s not a decorative object.
  • Tree houses also added in Generations. You’re kids can play pirates or whatever they do there. They can drop balloons with water and hang a pirate flag in the tree house
  • Water slide is usable by kids, adult and so on (I think they mean the slide which you can see in the trailer, no slide for the pool)
  • If you’re having a wild party, cops can interrupt it. They’re no real cops, they are just fueling he party with atmosphere only.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 April 2011 10:10