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The third webpisode dedicated to fan sites and communities PDF Print
Written by CriCri Thursday, 12 March 2009 09:00

We are ready to show you the third webpisode. This time the main topics are fan sites and the Sims community. Despite many other games, The Sims has a lively enviroment. People work together and there are several kinds of collaborations and projects. These feedbacks are very important for the producers, and they often try to satisfy players' wishes. You can find the video in our multimedia section, here.

Here's what Eden, the Italian Community Manager for The Sims 2, said about today's webpisode:

The third webpisode is entirely dedicated to the Sims community and fansites, that have always been the driving force for this game. Despite other virtual communities, where the atmosphere is not always friendly, the Sims community is blessed with a deep feeling of collaboration and creativity. People who create custom contents makes them available for other players, who give their own opinions, just like any other cultural salon. There are player of any kind coming from any part of the world, big sites and small sites: there are no boundaries!
The Sims Division highly regards every comment and flak that develope in the community, and always tries to put into the game what players ask. I don't want to reveil too much so.. go ahead and enjoy the video!

As always, it is also available on the official website

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