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Fixing custom content after patch 1.26/Pets PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Thursday, 20 October 2011 21:04
modsOn October 18th, EA Games released a patch (1.26 for Windows/1.27 for Mac) to update the game in order to enable the new pets functions in prospect of the Pets expansion pack. This update, as well as the EP, changes the game's behavior towards objects, in order to enable the pets features, as animals can interact with furniture and the surrounding environment.

This change, as we anticipated a few days ago, affects the way CC work in the game, making them basically incompatible (missing or broken animations, missing options etc.).
Using incompatible CC is not only bad to see and play, but also dangerous for the game's performance and stability.

Actually, not all CC is incompatible. Only the Buy/Build Mode items in .sims3pack/.package format have issues. Lot files in .sims3pack format, if the lot has CC inside, need to be updated too.

Before you keep reading, you may want to read our FAQ

Do I really need to follow this procedure?
- No, you probably won't need it in some cases.
When do I not need it?
  • If you don't use CC
  • If you want to uninstall your CC and replace them with their updated versions.
  • If you only have CAS-related CC (hairstyles, clothing, etc)
  • If you only have Store items
I only download lots. Should I fix my files as well?
- It depends. If the lots you have include CC, you'll have to fix them.
I don't want to update my game to patch 1.26, so I don't need to fix things, right?
- Wrong. If you choose not to install the update, please be aware that you probably won't be able to install and use new CC, as with the updated tools you can only create and share updated items, that require patch 1.26.
What happens if I download new items?
- It depends. If the creator of an item doesn't clearly state that patch 1.26 is needed for his file to work, we suggest to save sims3packs/packages in a temporary folder and check with the TSR tool if they need to be updated before installing.
end faq

In order to make things work and let players play The Sims 3 Pets WITH working custom content, the TSR team created and released a small tool that allows you to update your CC and make it compatible with the new options.

So far, this is the only known and working solution, but it brings some changes too. From now on, in order to use custom content (downloaded from TSR or from fansites that have updated their files or what you have updated with the following procedure), you will need the latest patch available (as for now 1.26/1.27) or The Sims 3 Pets.
Vice-versa, files created BEFORE Oct. 20th and/or with non-updated utilities (S3PE, Workshop) IF used on the updated game, will cause you the issues illustrated above. No matter what EPs you have, if you don't use TSR Pets CC Bug Fixer, you'll experience issues.

This procedure is available for Windows only! TSR tool does not work on Macs nor a compatible version will be made. If you are Mac users you can only check if creators have updated their files or ask someone with a PC to fix your files with the tool.

In order to update your CC you'll need:
  • Granny Crowd Scene Demo
  • the game updated to patch 1.26/The Sims 3 Pets
  • the TSR Pets CC Bug Fixer (RigFix.exe)
The full procedure, featuring screenshots, can be found here.
In addition to what described above, we have a couple of further suggestions:

Magic-hat-48Fix the Library folder: if you downloaded lots from fansites/the Exchange and are not sure about the items they feature, you can try to check if the lot you have need some fixing too. To do so, you can quickly browse to the Library folder (with TSR's utility) and see if any of your lots includes .packages that need updating. If you read YES in the Encrypted RIG column, then select these files and click on Fix.

Magic-hat-48Fix the Packages folder: you must update files in .package format too. To do so, you can quickly select the Mods folder and the program should read any sub-folders, giving you the full list of packages available to fix.

Magic-hat-48Clean the game's cache: Last but not least, clean your game's cache before launching the game.


We did tested the procedure and yes, it works. However, as some users reported, it still can't fix beds properly, so their animations look really distorted.
We suggest to use this tool anyway, but keep a non-fixed backup copy of your files in order to fix them again if and when they will update the tool to solve this issue.
And if you're good enough to identify the beds files, well, just don't fix them!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 October 2011 19:06