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Written by CriCri Monday, 30 November 2009 14:03
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Apart from the issues caused by CC, the game does have a few oddities but we don't know if they're bugs or game features:
  • Once you explore a tomb with a family and visit it again with another family, it appears as already visited and explored. This is gross and tiring, as it looks like we can only explore with one family, even if treasures are replaced. The only way to avoid that is using new saves.
  • Leftovers go bad very quickly: remove all your downloaded fridges, try with defaults only and replace your fridge with a new one. Sometime it fixes the bug. If it doesn't, be patient and hope for a new patch.
  • Family inventory issues: some players have experienced troubles when placing objects. As we said before, remove your CC, try with new saves, etc. If you keep having this issue, then it's probably a bug and might be fixed.
  • Closed shops or missing cashiers: when you visit a holiday destination, it may happen to find a store closed, so you cannot purchase any item. First, check if the merchants are outside the shop, sometimes it happens. Then, try to go to another lot, save the game and get back to the market. If you still can't buy anything, open the cheat box, type testingcheatsenabled true then click on the ground holding the SHIFT key. Now choose the Buy option. Click on the Buy mode icon in your control panel. Grab a new cash machine and replace the old one. Then, go back to the Live mode and save. If the merchant still doesn't appear, go again to another lot, save and go back to the market. Now you should be able to find the dealer.
  • Remember to update your drivers, make sure your PC is not overheated, etc. Many issues are due to this.

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