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Official guide by Prima Games PDF Print
Written by CriCri Wednesday, 24 June 2009 17:33
The Sims 3 seems endless and full of surprises every day? We think it is true... we ask us self when we will know everything... You need really to play some hours in order to test all traits, skills, moodles and so on... Do you want a little help to know better the game? Prima Games has realized a full guide that help to discover all The Sims 3 Universe... and if you want an additional free preview...

Prima Games, has just send to us and other Sims 3 fansites a little sample preview of 11 pages. It is different from the one you can download on the Prima Game site. You can download this sample here.

The features of the official guide are:

  • Live the highlife with our tips for getting all the big promotions, making the most money, finding love, and achieving big lifetime dreams.
  • Before spending a single Simoleon, check out the Object Catalog for appraisals of each household item.
  • Our Reference Tables are bursting with the quick-fix facts you need to make informed decisions in Sunset Valley.
  • Never go into a conversation unprepared. Our relationships chapter details every social situation, including how to fall in love.
  • Design Corner features lots designed by The Sims pros. Get your dream home inspiration right here.
  • Every Sim is guided by their wishes. These can be as small as wanting to take a class or read a book. Some wishes are a little more involving, like having a baby. Each adult Sim is also defined by a Lifetime Wish, such as becoming a master gardener or a rock star. This guide details exactly how to fulfill all wishes, big and small -- even wishes as enormous as becoming an astronaut.