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The Sims 3 Generations: traits and lifetime rewards PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 29 May 2011 13:43
ts3_ep4_iconThe Sims 3 Generations add 2 new traits and some lifetime rewards... let's go to discover them!



Nurturing Sims are great with teens and children. They understand the joys and difficulties of growing up and are instinctively well prepared to take care of them.

A Sim with Nurturing trait is great with children and can discipline them more effectively.
Children and Teens have less chance of throwing a tantrum when your Sim is scolding them.
Your Sim is more effective at socializing with Children and Teens.
Your Sim gains relationship faster with Sims that are Teens or younger.


Rebellious Sims take special pride in putting it to the man. Causing trouble (and getting out of it) is their specialty! Whether they're out after curfew or telling their boss they've had it, they'll no doubt take extra pleasure in it.

A Sim with Rebellious trait loves defying authority and has a special knack for not getting caught.
Your Sim's chances of getting caught while setting traps or causing pranks will be greatly reduced.
Your Sim's chances of getting caught violating curfew will be greatly reduced.
Your Sim will receive special moodlets and take great pride in interactions and activities that overly rebellious.

Lifetime Rewards

Above Reproach

Public displays of affection will go more unnoticed by Sims around town.

Clean Slate

Allows you start over in the world of romance. No more reputation... No more hurt feelings!

Clone voucher

The purchaser of this reward receives a Clone Voucher. Redeem it at the Science Facility to have a Child-aged clone of your Sim join your household!  You cannot purchase this reward if your household is full.

Age freeze potion

The purchaser of this reward receives an 'Age Freeze' potion. Drinking this potion immediately stops the Sim's biological clock, preventing further aging! Drinking this potion immediately stops the Sim from aging, never to grow old—or even grow up! However, if you wish, your Sim can still move on to the next stage in life by using a birthday cake.

Hover bed

Ground-bound beds are a thing of the past. Purchase this reward to receive the state of the art in hovering slumber satisfaction!


Purchase this reward to receive a handsome inheritance from a long, lost relative! The purchasing of this reward and the relative's demise are completely coincidental.

Motive mobile

Instead of taking a taxi to get around, your Sim will be picked up and transported by the Motive Mobile. The Motive Mobile is a state of the art vehicle designed to get your Sim from point A to point B without sacrificing comfort, hygene, or other needs your Sim has.

Super nanny
Daycare caretakers will have the voice of reason to toddlers and children. Kids will be less likely to disobey and be easier to keep happy.
Young again potion

The purchaser of this reward receives a 'Young Again' potion! Drinking this potion allows a Young Adult, Adult or Elder to return to the begining of Young Adulthood.

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