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Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 01 March 2011 15:59

On The Sims3 UK Facebook's page, has been published a note about the Quest system and how they work.

We will update this article everytime a new note is released!


The Middle Ages were a time of adventure and intrigue so of course The Sims Medieval includes a variety of heroic quests for your Sims to undertake. From initiating an Inquisition to arranging a politically advantageous marriage, the quests that your Sims engage in shape and color the experience of all of the Sims in your realm.

Quests – The Basics

The information that you need to monitor and direct your Sims on their quests is easily accessible from the Quest Panel. There you can see who is assigned to your current quest, what they need to do (broken down in to tasks that they need to complete), and how well they’re doing. Sometimes your Sims have options in how they accomplish certain tasks on their quest. The direction you choose will of course impact what impact the quest has on your kingdom, so choose wisely!

Quest Selection

You start quests in Kingdom Mode by choosing one from the Quest book. Quests can play out in a wide variety of ways, depending on the “approach” you take at the start, and on the choices you make as your Sims progress. Your approach also pre-determines which heroes you need to complete the quest. You will then choose your quest leader and the primary hero for the selected quest.

As you make choices, the right-most section of the quest book records each selection, so by the end, it shows a summary of all the quest decisions you’ve made. If you forget some of the finer details of your current quest, you can check out the quest book to remind yourself. You can also quit the current quest from the quest book, but beware, you will not regain the Quest Points you spent.

Quest Performance

How well are your Sims doing on the quest? There a couple of indicators that let you know. The first is the goblet and small meter next to it in the UI panel. This goblet and meter reflect your current medal ranking (bronze, silver, or gold). You can also review your quest performance meter by hovering over the Quest Performance goblet. The higher your performance and medal ranking when you complete the quest, the better your rewards! When a quest ends, your current Performance Level dictates both the medal and the rewards you receive.

Your performance doesn’t just entitle you to better rewards. If your Quest Performance drops below the bronze medal ranking, you will be thrown in the stocks! So remember, neglecting quest tasks for extended periods of time lowers your performance until a quest task is completed.




Whether engaging in combat, crafting poisons to dispose of a rival, or applying leeches in an effort to cure other Sims, your hero Sims help set the overall tone of your kingdom. From the decrees of the Monarch to the poems and plays of the Bard, the actions of your hero Sims help shape the experience of all of the Sims in the realm.

Heroes – The Basics

Hero Sims are the Sims that you can control. There are ten different hero Sims in all: the Monarch, Bard, Blacksmith, Jacoban Priest, Peteran Priest, Knight, Merchant, Physician, Spy, and Wizard. You begin with the Monarch and, as you complete quests, you earn Resource Points which you can spend on a new building and new hero.

Each hero has special abilities, their own signature objects, and a unique building they call home. Heroes also have special ways to earn money, although all Sims can earn Simoles by fishing or and gathering wildflowers.

The Heroes

The ten different heroes are described below. One thing to note: any hero can be either a male or a female. You decide this when you add a hero to your realm.

The Bard

With a love for the arts and life in general, the Bard makes his home at the tavern. He spends his time serenading fellow Sims with his lute, composing poems, and writing and performing plays. When not devoting himself to his craft, he seeks out experiences, drawing inspiration from other Sims and the world at large.


The Blacksmith

This hero forges the steel that is the backbone of your kingdom. Although her usual fare includes armor, swords, and other weapons, she has also been known to create one-of-a-kind objects. The Blacksmith ekes out her living at the smithy and, in addition to crafting a range of metal goods, can mine ore and sell her goods at the market.


The Jacoban Priest

Adhering to a strict moral code that sometimes condones using vigorous force to compel other Sims to practice what he preaches, the Jacoban Priest lives in the grand cathedral, surrounded by luxury—well, medieval luxury anyway. Known to issue bold proclamations and exact punishment for transgressions, this priest is often both revered and feared.


The Knight

Like the finely honed sword she wields, the Knight was made for war. When not engaged in battle, she can be found in the training yard preparing for the next campaign. Her superb fighting skills make the Knight particularly adept at hunting—and she is not above using her threatening demeanor to extort Simoles from fellow Sims.


The Merchant

Traveling far and wide to procure the most exquisite—or at any rate, unusual—goods, the Merchant gives the Sims in your realm what they want at a competitive price. Buying low and selling high helps him ensure not just a profit but the melodious jangle of Simoles in his own purse.


The Monarch

Whether benevolent or terrifying, the Monarch has the power of the realm in her hands. The yoke of authority can be heavy though as every choice the ruler makes impacts all within her kingdom. A busy Sim, the Monarch must find time to hear petitions from her subjects, propose edicts, order any offending Sims to the stocks—or worse to the pit—and maintain her fighting skills to ensure that she’s combat-ready.


The Peteran Priest

Gentler than his Jacoban brothers, the Peteran priest prides himself on being a sage ascetic—or he would if pride weren’t a sin. Preaching compassion, he strives to help others live according to The Watcher’s principles and spends his time writing when not giving sermons or blessing well water.


The Physician

Conditions in medieval times are nearly perfect for the spread of disease and so the role of the Physician is an important one. Using her vast arsenal of cutting-edge treatments, she applies leeches, administers tonics, and occasionally performs surgeries if there is no safer alternative. In her spare time, she wanders the fields of the kingdom seeking herbs that she can sell or craft into tonics.


The Spy

Not so much secretive as discreet, the Spy maintains a network of informers that he uses to further his agenda. Whether crafting a subtle poison, picking pockets, or eavesdropping on important conversations, he is always thinking two steps ahead of his adversaries—and his allies.


The Wizard

Born with special skills, the Wizard’s power grows as she studies the arcane arts and applies her formidable willpower. Secluded in her tower, the Wizard crafts potions and magic items and perfects new spells. Fellow Sims rejoice when she ventures out, as her powerful spells can bestow abundance on the town.

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