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How to redeem Limited Edition content for The Sims Medieval PDF Print
Written by CriCri Friday, 25 March 2011 11:36

Who has bought The Sims Medieval Limited Edition get some exclusive stuff, we talked about them on previous articles.
Here there are all steps needed to reedeem your extra contents and get them in game.

On the game box you will find an insert in add to the normal booklet. Here you can find a Game Code: riscattaContenutiExtra_01_eng

Please, do not use this code when you are registering the game, only use it when unlocking your special content. The game's registration code will be on the back of the manual.

  1. Install your game, update it to the Patch 1.1, open the launcher and start the game. 
  2. After loading, click on the option button glb_btn_option_norm_82(on left-bottom corner) before load/start a game.
  3. Choose the Redeem Code option
  4. Now will appear a popup box, where you should insert your code:


    You don't need to type the code with - or in CAPS. Just write all the code letters and numbers.
  5. Type your code and press glb_btn_jwl_accept_check_ac_93
  6. After entering the code you will see the content now available to you.
  7. After closing the unlock window click the green play button.  The window below will appear.  The 3 throne rooms to the right are the Limted Edition Throne rooms:
Last Updated on Friday, 25 March 2011 16:46