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The Sims Medieval Cheats List (plus testingcheats) PDF Print
Written by CriCri Saturday, 26 March 2011 11:59
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The Sims Medieval Cheats List (plus testingcheats)
How to able advanced cheats
How to able debug cheats
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ico_traits_lg_chivalrous_26Oh my Lord, sure, there are cheats in the Middle Age too! As we announced on our reportage, in our demo there were a lot of cheats. But now in the game final version what happened? In this page we will show you all legal cheats, in add we suggest you how to enable testingcheats and... the debug mode!
As in every Sims game, to open the cheat box you need to press
Finestra cheat.jpg
To recall the list of all cheats available:


help show a list of all cheats

Utilities and game


help show a list of all cheats


quit exit the game


ShellState with a parameter sets the visibility of building shells. For example the default setting shoud be ShellState cutaway. You can set this cheat with following parameters:
cutaway -> cut the shell
full -> show the shell

hide -> hide the shell


Reload the quest list and rerandomize available quests.


fullscreen on/
fullscreen off
able or disable full screen


fps on/
fps off
show the framerate in the upper right corner of the screen



kaching add 1000§ to the active household funds


motherlode add 50.000§ to the active household funds

Buy/Build Mode


disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt on/
disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt off +ALT nel posizionare oggetti
When on, objects will not snap to slots while holding ALT. Useful for placing objects such as chairs near tables without them snapping or placing counters near other counters, etc


fadeObjects on/
fadeObjects off
Toggles whether objects fade when the camera gets close to them. Does not apply to Sims.

Movies and Captures

hideHeadlineEffects on/
hideHeadlineEffects off
Hides all Sim overhead effects such as thought balloons and speech balloons.


slowMotionViz NR Puts the visuals of the game in slow motion. Entering a NR value is optional. Valid values range from 0 = normal speed to 8 = slowest.



mapTags on/
mapTags off
view or hide all icons on the realm's map


enablellamas on/
enablellamas off
appear a message that activate or deactivate Lamas


As we discussed on the previous page, during our The Sims Medieval preview in Milan we saw more cheats and we supposed that some of them were "debug" cheats. We were right, in order to use some cheats we need to enable debug mode, but there are other cheats that only need to enable the testingcheats mode. It's a litte more complicated then The Sims 3, so read careful this page!

How to able TestingCheats

In The Sims Medieval there isn't a testingcheatsenabled true cheat. But there are advanced cheats, and there is a testingcheat mode. This doens't require an external file to mod the game, we can enable testingcheats by edit a game config file. To do so, please follow all these steps:

  1. First, backup your saves. Go to :

    Documenti\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval

    and copy Saves folder - you don't really need to do so, but we suggest you to backup often your saves ;).
  2. Go to the installation folder of The Sims Medieval. WE MEAN WHERE YOU INSTALLED THE GAME not the folder under MyDocuments. Usually you can find installation folder under Programs Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval on the drive where you have installed the game  (default is C:). If you are a MAC user, the path is similar to  The Sims > Contents > Resources > transgaming > c_drive > Program Files > Electronic Arts > The Sims Medieval).
  3. Now browse directories as below:

    Programs Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval\GameData\Shared\NonPackeged\Ini

  4. Find the file called Commands.ini
  5. This file is a READ ONLY file. So we need to edit the file properties. To do so, right click on the file and choose Properties
  6. In this mask you need to turn off the mark on  Read Only then click on Apply (if you are running Win Vista or Win 7 perhaps you need to confirm this operation as administrator)
  7. If you are running Win Vista or Win 7 propably you need to go under Security (the second tab of Properties mask)
    click on Edit to change authorization and then select:
    Now confirm and close all these masks.
  8. After comit on Properties window, right click on the Commads.ini file and select Open. Open this file with Notepad
  9. Now you can see some rows of text. You'll find


    change the value with


  10. Save the file. If you get save problems, check again the file permissions. Be sure to save as Commands.ini and not as a txt file. 
  11. Once done, repeat the step nr. 6 but this time you should turn on the "Read only" field.
If you launch the game now you can find more cheats. They are testingcheatsenabled cheats.

If you are bored with steps above, or you get some problems, you can download our Commands.Ini, it's already set to 1:

Download edited Commands.ini.rar

to install it you need first to extract the Commands.ini file from the RAR archive. Then place it under Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval\GameData\Shared\NonPackeged\Ini (overwrite your older or backup it first).

If you would like to disable testingcheats, follow steps above and set TestingCheatsEnabled=0

Thanks Rich on MTS for his tips about this.

List of TestingCheats options


disableClothingFilter on/
disableClothingFilter off
disable/able clothing categories filters
Sim and mood

set the mood of the currently selected sim to min/max/supermax or percentage between -100 and 200. Examples:
setmood 100
setmood max


ShowAllQuests unlock all quests - you should be able to test any quest, provided you satisfy the requirement.


ShowAllValidQuests shows all quests that could potentially be shown to the player right now


shows all quests that could potentially be shown to the player right now, ignore...  (we can't see the full string).

DisableRespos disable responsabilities


EnableRespos will re-enable responsabilities if they are disabled

setKingdomPoints #
set kingdom points to the amount passed with the parameter #, for example setKingdomPoints 100


setKP # set kingdom points to the amount passed with the parameter #, for example setKP 100


setQP # set quests points to the amount passed with the parameter #, for example setKQ 100


videoMakerModeEnabled true/
videoMakerModeEnabled false
able or disable video maker ability
Controls and interactions
As in The Sims 3, with TestingCheatsEnabled you can also [this time you don't need to use this cheat in game, we have already enabled this mode]:
  • Motive: edit the motive bars by dragging the mouse over them
  • Moodlets: delete a moodlet by clicking on it while press CTRL
  • Relations: edit relationship with other sims from the relation panel. You need to drag the mouse over the relation bars.
  • Interactions:
    • SHIFT + CLICK on the sim: edit the Sim's traits

Attention! Do not use CTRL + click on RESPONSABIlITIES! If you do so, you'll delete the responsability but with the negative status!!

We talked about legacy cheats, testingcheatsenabled.... and now it's the turn of a further mode, the Debug mode. As in The Sims 3, The Sims Medieval has a debug mode used from developers. We have a great mode NRAAS Debug Enabler for The Sims 3, that enable the Debug. We have a global mod for The Sims Medieval too. Before proceed... Do you really need a debug mode in Medieval?

How to enable Debug mode

A global mod file is needed. Rick has already created it.

Where can you download DebugEnabler mod

Author: Rick - Download for free on MTS exactly zipHERE [if you have installed the patch 1.12 you need the updated version, available on the same link. Please check for new version on each patch release]

How to install DebugEnabler mod

To install the DebugEnabler mod we need a come back in the time, and remember the first installation method for .package in The Sims 3 (we talk about Summer 2009). This mean you need to download the file from the link above, then you need to extract all contents under:

Programs Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval

In the file above there is the Resource.cfg file and Mods folder structure included.  

What DebugEnabler does?

DebugEnabler will able some cheats and some interaction on sim.
Interactions on a Sim
Following are interactions added by the DebugEnabler. They are available both on active Sim and on Target Sim. To use them, press SHIFT + CLICK on the sim

  • Set Relationship... : edit relation with other sims
  • Set Profession on sim... : edit the profession of the sim. Be careful with your active sim, you can compromise your quest
  • Set Profession Level on sim... : edit the profession level. This could be helpful to unlock some interactions.
  • Animate... : you can use this to run some animation, like a pose box ;)
There are really some cheats added, for example:

AgeUpToNPC toggles option for toddler who is aging up to be a non player controlled Sim in the household


AltScene will display the given alternate scene

APW this will place down all buildings and place the associated profession sim. It takes long time.


babyboom adds a baby and a toddler to every household in the world

BuildBuyEnabledForLot true/
BuildBuyEnabledForLot false
enable/disable build buy for the current active lot or specified lot


BuildDebug on/
BuildDebug off
shows/hides debug options for build mode

BuyDebug on/
BuyDebug off
shows/hides debug options for buy mode


completetutorial it ends the tutorial

exterminate #
kill a number of sim, specified as parameter, ex. exterminate 8


familyFunds #Name #Amount
set family funds of named family, ex. familyFunds Accigli 10000


disable quest performance

will give the currently selected sim all of the Bard Play/Poetry themes


lifetimehappiness adds 50000 spendable happiness points to the selected sim

locks the current sim's mood so that it is not affected by interactions or moodlets


overlay current sim with named uniform


sets family funds of selected sim and gives 1.000.000§ or an amount specified. Ex. money 620000

moveObjects on/
moveObjects off
remove or set limitations for placing/moving objects


PlaceAllBuildings place down all buildings (it takes a while!)

resetSim firstname lastname
returns sim to a safe, neutral state at their home location ex. resetSim Ida Arlocchi


select a particular sim


spawn #
creates a # number of random sim, ex. spawn 8

populates the world and unlocks all quests - you should be able to test any quest.
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