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The Sims Medieval Cheats List (plus testingcheats) - How to able debug cheats PDF Print
Written by CriCri Saturday, 26 March 2011 11:59
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The Sims Medieval Cheats List (plus testingcheats)
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How to able debug cheats
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We talked about legacy cheats, testingcheatsenabled.... and now it's the turn of a further mode, the Debug mode. As in The Sims 3, The Sims Medieval has a debug mode used from developers. We have a great mode NRAAS Debug Enabler for The Sims 3, that enable the Debug. We have a global mod for The Sims Medieval too. Before proceed... Do you really need a debug mode in Medieval?

How to enable Debug mode

A global mod file is needed. Rick has already created it.

Where can you download DebugEnabler mod

Author: Rick - Download for free on MTS exactly zipHERE [if you have installed the patch 1.12 you need the updated version, available on the same link. Please check for new version on each patch release]

How to install DebugEnabler mod

To install the DebugEnabler mod we need a come back in the time, and remember the first installation method for .package in The Sims 3 (we talk about Summer 2009). This mean you need to download the file from the link above, then you need to extract all contents under:

Programs Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval

In the file above there is the Resource.cfg file and Mods folder structure included.  

What DebugEnabler does?

DebugEnabler will able some cheats and some interaction on sim.
Interactions on a Sim
Following are interactions added by the DebugEnabler. They are available both on active Sim and on Target Sim. To use them, press SHIFT + CLICK on the sim

  • Set Relationship... : edit relation with other sims
  • Set Profession on sim... : edit the profession of the sim. Be careful with your active sim, you can compromise your quest
  • Set Profession Level on sim... : edit the profession level. This could be helpful to unlock some interactions.
  • Animate... : you can use this to run some animation, like a pose box ;)
There are really some cheats added, for example:

AgeUpToNPC toggles option for toddler who is aging up to be a non player controlled Sim in the household


AltScene will display the given alternate scene

APW this will place down all buildings and place the associated profession sim. It takes long time.


babyboom adds a baby and a toddler to every household in the world

BuildBuyEnabledForLot true/
BuildBuyEnabledForLot false
enable/disable build buy for the current active lot or specified lot


BuildDebug on/
BuildDebug off
shows/hides debug options for build mode

BuyDebug on/
BuyDebug off
shows/hides debug options for buy mode


completetutorial it ends the tutorial

exterminate #
kill a number of sim, specified as parameter, ex. exterminate 8


familyFunds #Name #Amount
set family funds of named family, ex. familyFunds Accigli 10000


disable quest performance

will give the currently selected sim all of the Bard Play/Poetry themes


lifetimehappiness adds 50000 spendable happiness points to the selected sim

locks the current sim's mood so that it is not affected by interactions or moodlets


overlay current sim with named uniform


sets family funds of selected sim and gives 1.000.000§ or an amount specified. Ex. money 620000

moveObjects on/
moveObjects off
remove or set limitations for placing/moving objects


PlaceAllBuildings place down all buildings (it takes a while!)

resetSim firstname lastname
returns sim to a safe, neutral state at their home location ex. resetSim Ida Arlocchi


select a particular sim


spawn #
creates a # number of random sim, ex. spawn 8

populates the world and unlocks all quests - you should be able to test any quest.

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