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Sharma Hotel


Require The Sims 3 World Adventures, The Sims 3 Ambitions and game version at least 4.0.87!

Sharma Hotel Lot comes as communitary but obviously it's possible to be used as base camp, for sims tired of camping..

Place it in the Simhara in green areas near the river, changing the type of lot (from Community to base camp)
To change the simhara, click "Edit Town" then click the icon in the upper left corner of Egypt, in this way you should be able to use edit mode / build.

Use this lot as a Community lot: just place it somewhere, sims can be use it as a hotel to stay comfortably, eat, etc..
Use this lot as a Base Camp: Before turning this lot into base camp, you have to turn the base camp in community lot: you can not have two base camps in the same neighborhood. To do this, enter the cheat
Testingcheatsenabled true and after EnableLotLocking on
this way you can unlock the lock that you see in lots.
Click on the base camp, then the lock to open it. Then you can change it to normal community lot. After this, go to Sharma and change it into a base camp.
Remember to disable the testing cheat, by entering the cheat testingcheatsenabled false, and return to the game.

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Require The Sims 3 World Adventures, The Sims 3 Ambitions and game version at least 4.0.87!


Size: 2.21 MB
Richiede: TS3 + World Adventure + Ambitions
Downloads: 9938
Author: Blackorchid
Created: 2010-07-11 03:56:25
Changed at: 2011-05-03 00:58:20


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