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New coverages and trailers! PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Sunday, 08 February 2009 19:00

sims logo As you can see from the title, we have plenty of news today! There are two articles about the game and the Creator's Camp and then there are many new trailers!


As for the video, the website is in French, but it's quite intuitive to navigate: just choose the video you want to watch from the list on the right. Click here and enjoy!


The other two coverages we have found on the web are from Decorgal and AlalaSims.

Decorgal is a well-known Sims2 artists, and she's famous for her machinimas and creations. She attendend the Creator's Camp back in January, and here's what she has found out about the game.

AlalaSims, instead, is a brazilian website that has attendend a fan event in São Paulo, and that's what they have written about! sunsetvalley

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