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Written by Paperpin Thursday, 14 February 2013 00:00
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The Sims 3 University Life Preview
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ts3 ep9_logo_ENIt's finally Thursday, which means time for us to publish our reportage about The Sims 3 University Life!
First off, we'd like to thank EA Italy once again for inviting us and giving us this great chance to play the game and ask questions to producer Argus Hulin. We'd like to thank Liliana, Luciana, Marcella, Nicole and Laura for the awesome job they did to set up the event and organize everything, we really appreciated it for a number of reasons :)

The event took place at EA Italy in Milan, where together with Daniela, Giuseppe, Simone and Luca we played the game, enjoyed great food and much more!

Let's see in depth what we saw and learned about The Sims 3 University Life!

Please note: we are allowed to show up to 15 screenshots taken during the hands-on. We had two PCs to play the game on and we were divided into two groups - Daniela, Cristina and I (yes, two Danielas in the same room!) on one machine and Luca, Giuseppe and Simone on the other one. We took different screenshots so be sure to check out their reports as well. Also, we played the game in Italian. Every translation is made by me (paperpin).

Main Features

The Sims 3 University Life is the 9th EP for The Sims 3. With this expansion pack, your Sims will be able to go to the campus, attend classes and conferences and eventually get a degree. Of course, in between a lesson and a seminar, your Sims can get the most out of the campus life, party all night long and much more.

For those of you asking, the icon of the game is orange with a laurel wreath and the loading screen is orange too.


How it works

university10If you played The Sims 2 University, you're probably familiar with the university system of the Sims world. You can sign up to a faculty via computer or phone, but you must be a young adult or older. This means that your teens can't go to the university, while your young adults, adults and elders (yes!) can. Teens, however, can make a little entrance test and check if they're suitable for the university or not and get a scholarship. The test is based on their skills, school marks and traits.
I'm not sure if there are other ways to make the test, but we were playing in Sunset Valley with the Single Moms household when the llama mascot showed up in our residential lot and left a small package near the front door. The package contained a flag, a shirt and the test for the teen girl of the family.
The result of the test is immediately visible on the screen.


You can send one or more Sims from the same household to the campus - one family at time. This means that when you launch the game, you will be automatically redirected to the university neighborhood. You can't play with your residential lot and the time there is still. While at the campus, moreover, you can call your family/friends and invite them over.

The university neighborhood is a sub-neighborhood and works exactly like World Adventure locations. This means that Sims do not age when they're in the campus and they cannot have babies, get pregnant or marry while attending the university. They can die, tho.

Another thing you may want to know is that if you have The Sims 3 Seasons, yes, you'll have the weather in the university sub-neighborhood. And if you have The Sims 3 Pets, no, you can't have pets there. Anyhow, they said more information about the interaction between University Life and the other EPs will be available soon. For example, we know supernaturals can go to the university.

Going to the university is not mandatory, it's entirely up to you. But if you decide to take a degree in something, according to your final marks you'll get many benefits when applying for a job. For example, you can start 3 new exclusive careers: Artist, Videogame Developer, Sports Agent. You can even decide to apply for one of the ordinary jobs and start directly at level 4!
Also, by getting a degree you get a new slot for an extra trait!

The sub-hood is made up of several lots: there are dorms, a stadium, a couple of halls and the schools of arts, science and economy.



Your Sims can choose among 6 degree courses:
  • Technology (great for the military and law enforcement careers)
  • Communication
  • Economy (great for the business and criminal careers)
  • Science and Medicine ('nuff said)
  • Arts (great for the musical, cooking and cinema careers)
  • Physical Education
Each semester lasts one week and at the end of each semester you have to go back home. You can decide to sign up to another semester, for a maximum amount of 2 (= 14 Sim days). Each semester is organized as follows:
  • Monday: seminar
  • Tuesday: conference
  • Wednesday: seminar
  • Thursday: conference
  • Friday: exams
  • Saturday: you go home
Of course, you'll have to attend classes according to your degree course. The lots where classes are hold are rabbit holes. Seminar and conference lots are open and playable. You can even make a conference yourself.


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