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Home Meeting with the producers The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (second part) - Loading families, playable Sims, Wishes and Opportunities
The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (second part) - Loading families, playable Sims, Wishes and Opportunities PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 22 March 2009 00:00
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The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (second part)
Loading families, playable Sims, Wishes and Opportunities
Children, teenagers, school, socials and interactions
Open town and shopping
Death, ghosts and passing away
Pregnancy, childbirths and heredity
Cheats, game launching and conclusions
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Loading a family and controlling Sims

As it happens in The Sims 2, to load a family we need to go to the neighborhood view. Pannello Sim Pannello Sim Houses are checked off by symbols. Once you load a family, you can see all the members in the user panel, and as for The Sims 2, we can choose which one we want to control. When clicking on a Sim, the camera automatically moves and "looks for him" in the town. For example, if we have a two-membered household and one member is at home and the other is in the park, the camera will shift to the park and viceversa.
Vista quartiere Vista quartiere Zukkao and I have been talking about the possibility of having some kind of search engine, so that by typing the name of a Sim, s/he would be automatically localized in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it isn't so. For example, if our Sim wants to go and visit a friend, we need to shift to the neighborhood view and look at our friend's homes, that are marked by a symbol, and if we want to visit one of them we have to click on the lot and get there. If we want to change the family we want to play with, we have to click on "Change the active family" and then on the house of the Sims we want to use. In a few words, lots are always the starting points, even if its members are walking around in the town.
Notice that on the official English forum they said that changing a family implies the loss of all the current wishes and opportunities. We don't know if it's only a warning given by the fact that with high free will and enabled story progression, Sims keep living autonomously or if actually we can lose some progresses. We were questioning if it's possible to save a copy of our families or save them in one of the available slots.

If you don't know yet, there is only one neighborhood, even if it has been said that new towns will be published after the game's release, and only for those who own original copies. From the official English forum and their reportage we can also read that there should be 21 families, each of which has a certain difficulty level. Every Sim is playable, then if you don't like default families you can move them and fill the town with your Sims. There are few NPC characters.

Wishes and opportunities

After all the console versions of The Sims and Sims Stories, producers have tried to introduce some elements, peculiar of these two versions, in the traditional PC edition. In our everyday life we have many long and short term goals (i.e., I have to go to the gym today or I have to get back in shape within this summer), and Sims have mirrored this side of our lives through Wants and Fears. Again in The Sims 3, each character will develop its Wishes, that are little goals to achieve and then say "Wow, I did it!" (and probably they will be less improbable than in The Sims 2..).
The big deal is Opportunities, some kind of little quests, typical of the console world. To show us what they are and how they work, MJ looks up, puts her fingers on the keyboard and smiles "I'm going to cheat now", that means she's going to force the game to show an opportunity to the Sim she's playing with (most probably this cheat is available only for the producers and not for players). The game, in fact, is not a fulfilling-needs-game anymore, and provides us with several minor challenges and goals to achieve, called Opportunities. We can choose to accept them or not, they're little quests that say to the player "Hey, do you know you can do this?" and give rise to try new things. For example, although we can't follow our Sims at work, we can have the opportunity of inviting a client for dinner when our boss can't, making friends with him and learn new socials.

Out and about in the town

Sims live the town and move "for real", without the tiring blue loading screens, that probably every player hates.

Muoversi in citta' Muoversi in citta'

As previously stated, Sims can go on foot, ride bikes and drive cars. There are no driving schools, nor for cars or bikes. Children can ride bikes too, but they need specific ones, while teens can use adult's. Since we were watching a Sim that was getting back home by car, we asked about the "driving factor".
Sims cannot drive their cars, I mean, we can't say them how to drive and where to turn, they will just use them to move from a place to another, as for The Sims 2, and we can just follow their path. There are no car crashes. If there are walkers, the car will just keep going ahead. In the neighborhood there is a continuos stream of people walking, cars, bikes etc. Toddlers need to be carried if we want them to visit the town.

Note: obviously to use a car or a bike our Sims need to buy one!

Another good thing is that finally Sims walk on a straight line! At least, after watching a video where Sims were walking on a diagonal line, we asked MJ if it was a result of some cheats, and she replied that now, when we pick a destination, Sims walk on a straight line to reach it.


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