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Barnacle Bay: live preview of the new town! PDF Print
Written by CriCri Saturday, 11 September 2010 21:54
Melanie Lam, the producer who showed us The Sims 3 Late Night, asked who were interested to give a look at Barnacle Bay, the brand new neighborhood available on the Store from September, the 23th... me and Daniela could't miss it, so we plunged ourselves in the pirate's world! There are some hills in this new town, together with a long beach. On the beach you can find a nautical diner, called Hogan's Deep Sea Diner!

barnaclebay_5 barnaclebay_1

There are some pirates themed clothes of course, and you can find them in bundle with the new town. There are new families, new NPCs, but they are normal sims, there aren't new "pirate" interactions, they are only dressed as pirates. It sounds fun and I think that Barnacle Bay fit perfectly sims-artists needs, and who like themed sets.
The game mode follows the classic gameplay, there aren't new interactions or collectibles. You can find all collectibles on Barnacle Bay in the same way you can find them in other towns.
Regarding community lots, they are the same of Sunset Valley, except the nautical diner, some parks and the pirate's cemetery.


You can find some decorations, such as barrels, pirate's flags, wooden lifeboat... but we could't omit a special mention to the "nautical mailbox", a very nice mailbox in wood with a helm! With Barnacle Bay you haven't just a new town but a lot of decorations, furnishing, accessories and clothes too!
Considering this lot of stuff included in Barnacle Bay we asked Melanie what is the size of this town, she answered that it's smaller then Riverview and it's about 90Mb. In add, we asked if some EPs are required to download and play with Barnacle Bay. Melanie answered that this new town requires only the base game, of course you need to keep it updated and patch it with official patches. So you can buy it even if you haven't any expansion.

barnaclebay_08 barnaclebay_07

We don't know actually how much it costs and we forgot to ask this detail... Btw we are sure that if you like pirates, you will like Barnacle Bay! So we can't wait September, the 23th for its release on the Store!

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