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Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 22 July 2008 16:10
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Neighborhood life

The atmosphere of the ‘hood looks really gorgeous, with lovely light effects, realistic water reflexes and moving shadows; however, it’s not yet clear if the weather effects will be featured in the base game or if we’ll have to wait for a related EP.

Sims will be able to find a job both walking in the downtown, that will probably be the focal point of the game, and checking the newspaper. Walking in the streets we won’t have to fear to lose our Sim: he/she will always be reachable through an apposite map!

Every career will have a proper building that we cannot visit (thus we won’t be able to follow our Sims at work), but close to which our characters can move, to reduce the distance and the time needed to get to the office.

Other news

There are really many more particulars that have been announced during the fan event, and you’ll find some of them in the following list; please notice that they can be updated as we get new information:

  • Sims will be able to wash their teeth again (this feature was present in The Sims but not in The Sims 2), gaining a “minty breath” moodlet!;
  • Every Sim will have a cellphone, to be reachable everywhere;
  • Athletic Sims can live longer;
  • Children will have more specific homework;
  • Sims can buy several kinds of books and place them in their bookcases at home;
  • In every house there will be a indicator showing how hard will it be to play with that specific family (basing on the various traits of each member);
  • Some Sims2 NPCs will be featured in The Sims 3;
  • EA is currently working on a new creature, but there is no information about that;
  • The maximum amount of Sims per house is again of 8;
  • Plants will move along with the wind, and grass and greenery can be placed on multi-layers;

Are you surprised? Yes, we are and we’re longing to have new information! Come and visit Sims3Cri in the next days, the news hunting has officially begun!



Here it is another roundup of news from

  • Sims will not have memories anymore but they still have a mood bar;
  • Sims can go fishing and walk on the beach but not swim into the ocean;
  • By only pressing a specific button Sims can immediately return home;
  • Characters will still age spinning around;
  • To rotate an object you only have to push the ALT key
  • There may be celebrities or a Superstar-like EP.

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